Monday, May 3, 2021

NEW RELEASE: LUFTRUM 24 for TAL J-8 featuring Code Elektro


Luftrum 24 for TAL J-8

​Luftrum 24 is a soundbank containing 148 presets for TAL J-8 which is an emulation of the iconic Jupiter-8 hardware synth from 1981. The presets cover a wide range of genres and styles from synthwave to 90s French house to ambient and synthpop.

TAL J-8 is an accurate software replication of the mighty Jupiter-8 hardware synthesizer by Roland from 1981. The Jupiter-8 had many advanced features for its time, including the ability to split the keyboard into two zones.

Today, the Jupiter-8 is one of the most iconic and desirable hardware synthesizers and good units sell for up to $20.000 on auction! You can own an affordable software version by TAL for a fraction of the price and without breaking the bank.

The sounds in Luftrum 24 are inspired by a broad range of synth-driven artists and duos such as Daft Punk, John Carpenter, Vangelis, Perturbator, Steve Roach and The Midnight with presets ranging from soaring mono leads to dreamy pads over dark basses and delicate synth keys. Check out the preset-by-preset YouTube demo below, going through 30 individual presets from the set.

Out of the 148 presets, 40 are designed by Code Elektro, a critically acclaimed synthwave sci-fi artist from Denmark, whose music best can be described as a hard mix between Carpenter Brut, SURVIVE and Tangerine Dream. Code Elektro made an impressive demo using only presets from the set + external drums. listen below.

Limited offer: You can get Luftrum 24 plus a 40% discount code to TAL J-8 in a bundle for $40 only (with the coupon code you save $32 on TAL J-8, from $80 down to $48). That deal is a no-brainer if you do not already own TAL J-8, but there’s a limited supply and when it’s gone, it’s gone. The coupon code is personal and cannot be sold or transferred. 
Use the code during checkout on the TAL J-8 page here:






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