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REVIEW: The Sound of Love Lost by Sam Thomas | Kontakt

REVIEW: The Sound of Love Lost by Sam Thomas | Kontakt

The uniqueness of The Sound of Love Lost resides in its distinctive attributes. It skillfully merges a pitched fusion of synth and guitar, resulting in an organ-esque resonance. Through a masterful blend of digital and analog processing, it effortlessly crafts an expansive and harmonically immersive soundscape, radiating immense power.




"The Sound of Love Lost" is a captivating sample library for Kontakt that explores the boundaries of musical expression. This pitched, synth/guitar hybrid offers an organ-like experience that resonates with an otherworldly charm. Utilizing both digital and analog processing, the library delivers an expansive and harmonically rich sonic landscape that leaves a profound impact on the listener.

The journey of this instrument commenced with a distorted bass sound showcased in 'Love Lost,' a joint project by Sam and musician Isamaya Ffrench, along with its presence in several other productions by Sam.

The bass sound has evolved nearly two decades through Sam Thomas' meticulous tweaking and refinement. It was sampled with 13 variations per note and spanning a full 88 keys/7 octaves, the library takes full advantage of the instrument's immense harmonics. The velocity-sensitive integrated wah effect adds a dynamic touch, giving each note an incredible 20 seconds of natural sustain, enabling a seamless and musical hold at every velocity level.

 Each note was recorded on a max-character guitar with specific guitar/pickup selection based on the note's pitch. After processing through Sam's unique pedal configuration, the sound traverses a carefully curated blend of guitar and bass amps, undergoes further harmonic enrichment with outboard EQs and saturation/tape effects, and finally, the full spectrum is perfected by Sam and audio priestess, Anni Abigail, during the mastering phase.

It spans across a spectrum, starting with a down-to-earth, lo-fi organ-like tone in "Love," and reaches an intensely captivating, consistently mesmerizing sonic expanse in "Lost." This sonic range is ideal for creating expansive ambient drones, and it remains adaptable as well. It carries a substantial weight when the situation demands, yet it also has the capacity to take on a mellower and more ethereal character. This can be achieved by directing attention towards lower velocities and upper registers, or by utilizing the onboard space sliders for added atmospheric richness.

While the initial iteration of TSOL maintains a clean and uncomplicated design to uphold the sonic purity, the anticipation of an upcoming V2 update featuring a dedicated sequencer page is genuinely exciting. This forthcoming enhancement holds the potential to introduce vibrant rhythmic sequences, thereby taking the creative possibilities of the library to new heights. Additionally, I hold a keen interest in the incorporation of a broader selection of thoughtfully crafted presets, encompassing a range of categories such as pads and arpeggios.

"The Sound of Love Lost" is a great debut library that deserves recognition. Compatible with Kontakt 6.8.0 and above, as well as the free Kontakt Player.The capacity to elicit deep-seated emotions, spanning from gut-wrenching sorrow to delicate otherworldly beauty, renders the act of playing it a truly valuable experience. Despite its more compact size compared to my usual reviews, I've opted to bestow upon it a "Highly Recommended" status due to its exceptional qualities.





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