Thursday, August 10, 2023

NEW RELEASE: Swords to Ploughshares | Kontakt Player | Purchase Supports Ukranian Composer/Sound Designer HISTIBE

Swords to Ploughshares | Kontakt Player | Purchase Supports Ukranian Composer/Sound Designer


Swords to Ploughshares is a unique virtual music instrument that weaves real-world field recordings and expressive sound design together into a unified creative toolbox. The sounds in this library were recorded during the invasion of Ukraine, between February and May of 2022, by sound designer and video director Histibe

It includes field recordings made in and around his home in Kyiv and during a temporary evacuation in the Carpathian mountains during the heaviest period of shelling near his home. The subject matter includes the everyday sounds of his life and his city, quickly adapting to war time and often punctuated by blasts and the wail of air raid sirens. It explores the gentle sounds of nature in the mountains made all the more surreal by eerily distorted late-night shortwave radio broadcasts filling the airwaves.

Soundiron & Native Instruments became the official sponsors of the project in terms of interface development, audio editing, and encoding.

This library includes an advanced user interface with presets designed for Native Instruments’ Kontakt platform. It is compatible with the free Kontakt Player and the NKS standard.  In detail, expect to find 5.37 GB of original content which can be widely used for writing songs, electronic music, trailer music, movie and game soundtracks. Unlocked WAV files are included for maximum customization.

This is the story of an instrument wrought from the raw sounds of war and moments of everyday life under its shadow. Recorded in Kyiv and the Carpathian Mountains during the spring of 2022 by Ukrainian artist Histibe. Sound designed and crafted into a living virtual instrument. 
It's compatible with the free Kontakt Player and the NKS standard.
Your purchase will help Sound Designer Maks Histibe support his family and people close to him during these dark difficult times.




Histibe is a Ukrainian composer, producer, video director and sound designer. He has been creating original content since 2005, experimenting with electronic music and visuals in the name of art during the age of digital evolution. From his Kyiv-based studio, he delivers video production, music scoring, foley and sound design services for a great number of local and international clients. Histibe has worked with artists such as Joe Perez, Balkansky, Jared Nickerson, Subsets, Mervin Mathew, and others. He loves to experiment with sound design and combine it with modern electronic music, vocals, synthesizers, and various field recordings. His sounds and music have been used in commercial videos, films, animations, broadcast networks, fashion shows, mobile applications and other art projects. Being an independent artist, he released three music albums, over twenty sample packs, and ten official music videos. You can see and hear his work for companies such as Soundiron, Image-Line FL Studio, M-Audio, Loopmasters, Arturia, Output, CAD Audio, Panasonic, GoPro, and more. His audiovisual works have been featured on Billboard, AskAudio, Future Music Magazine, Complex Magazine, Producer Hive, and UKF.

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