Tuesday, August 8, 2023

NEW RELEASE: NOIZZZ Playable Noises & ASMR by PSSST Instruments | Kontakt


NOIZZZ: Playable Noises & ASMR

To create it we had to record all kinds of:
- crackles
- asmr noises
- electric buzz, hum, static noise
- various electric devices

Then we have designed these sounds into easy-to-use very beautiful and satisfying textures, playable instruments, and even percussive kits.

Imagine that the sound of a drawing pencil can be playable. Imagine a melody played on hair dryers, toothbrushes, ribbons and bottles. Imagine dirty bass made of electric buzz. And a satisfying ASMR texture made of microphones covered in bubble wrap. All of these in one playable library.

You can create a whole soundtrack made of intimate ASMR or unusual & sophisticated electric noise. It sounds awesome and it's very practical. I am a media composer and I am already using it a lot.

In this library you will find:
6 loopable menus (crackles organic, crackles generated, static ASMR, static noise, electric devices, mixed)
14 fx menus
31 playable tonal source instruments
30 cinematic instruments (pads, plucks, leads)
31 noise & dissonant instruments

21 Basses
2 Percussive Kits (Loud Kit & Micro Kit)
Separate WAVE files
21 Basses
2 Percussive Kits (Loud Kit & Micro Kit)
Separate WAVE files


Intro price 59$ (reg. 99$) until 31st August.

Recorded sources: hair dryer, drawing pencil, ribbon, hemp rope, bottles, electric fan, sponge, bubble wrap, guitar amp, paper, toothbrush, soldering iron, deadcat, fabric, paper sheet, carton box, metal pipe, chair, stand, sticky tape, various devices buzz, hum and static noise recorded via cable, tarp, stretch, wicker coaster and many other

Full Kontakt 6.6 or higher needed.






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