Saturday, March 18, 2023

NEW RELEASE: DOJO by Silence+Other Sounds

DOJO by Silence+Other Sounds


Dojo is a sample based synth developed for Native Instruments Kontakt. It is inspired by the principles of Japanese martial arts, which are translated and applied to creative sound design.

Dojo features 2 main instruments: the Kumite synth and the Kata synth.

The Kumite synth is inspired to the concept of fighting an opponent in karate; it is characterized by an aggressive sound, based on mangled analog synths, spectral re-synthesis of organic sources, orchestral phrases, tempo-synced rhythms, plucks, deep cinematic impacts and percussions, textures and horns.

The Kumite synth is based on a custom-scripted modulation engine to create punchy phrases, hybrid orchestral cues, pulses, dreamy arpeggios and deep underscore movements.

The Kata synth is inspired to the concept of “pattern of movements” in karate. We have recorded cello, double bass, viola, violin, crystal baschet, orchestral woodwinds, metallophones, piano and keys, jetè and staccatos, designed organic sounds and much else. All of them can be morphed, filtered, distorted and animated via an XY pad, to create evocative melodies, evolving atmospheres, detailed textures and underscore sequences.

Both the Kumite and the Kata synth in Dojo feature a separate instrument for sample import via an intuitive drag and drop on the GUI, where you can process your own samples within the core engines of the main instruments.

The Kumite and the Kata synth feature a total of 420+ snapshots.
Dojo is for TV, film, game composers, sound designers and music producers looking for an innovative, complete instrument to write cues in a straightforward and creative way. It fits particularly well the action and thriller cinematic genres, but its versatility makes it useful also for horror, electronic and ambient music.

Whats inside Dojo

4 PLAYABLE KONTAKT INSTRUMENTS - Kumite Synth - for hybrid cues, pulses, synth cues and arpeggios
- Kata Synth - for orchestral underscore, melodies, atmospheres and dark sequences
- 2 sample import (drag and drop) instruments
- 420+ snapshots
- High Resolution Audio samples (48kHz)
- Large selection of orchestral samples: cello, violin, viola, double bass.
- Unconventional instruments: crystal baschet, metallophones, custom built instruments.
- Sound designed organics
- A total of 2400+ samples




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