Tuesday, April 5, 2022

70% off Zithergeist by Silence+Other Sounds & PLAYTHROUGH

Zithergeist by SILENCE+OTHER SOUNDS playthrough


For a Limited Time get Zithergeist by SILENCE+OTHER SOUNDS 70% OFF for a LIMITED TIME!

“Zithergeist” is a Kontakt library based on unconventional stringed instruments recorded in unconventional ways.

Zithergeist is a unique instrument for cinematic composition: whether you want to create minimal dark melodies or heavenly arpeggios, piercing high frequency tones or emotional chord progressions, cinematic droning effects, eastern-reminiscent melodies or adrenaline rhythmical sequences, Zithergeist offers you an arsenal of instruments and editing possibilities.

Silence+Other Sounds have meticulously sampled note by note a number of atypical instruments like miniharps, mandolin of unknown origins and even an Apulian zither, known as ‘pasta-cutting guitar’, a guitar-resembling tool from the Southern province of Apulia (Italy), traditionally used to extrude pasta filaments from raw dough.

What’s Inside Zithergeist?

Acoustic – 2 Kontakt Instruments | Miniharp, Unknown mandolin, 3 articulations (pluck, hammer, mute), up to 13 velocity layers and 4 round robins, 50+ presets
Synthetic string – 3 Kontakt instruments | 2 articulations (pluck, hammer, mute), up to 13 velocity layers and 4 round robins, 30+ presets
8 sound effects instruments | Derived from Apulian zither and others, 600+ Royalty-Free sounds (96 kHz – 24 bit)

So What Can I Do With “Zithergeist”?

Horror Scores

Suspense Scenes

Action Sequences

True Crime Drama

Sound Design

You don’t necessarily need Kontakt to use the sounds. You can import every sound in your DAW, in your favourite audio sampler, video editing software or in any software able to handle .wav files. 

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