Monday, April 11, 2022

Kirk Hunter Studios Kinetic Brass Motion Engine WALKTHROUGH

Kirk Hunter Studios Kinetic Brass Motion Engine WALKTHROUGH & PLAYTHROUGH


 Kinetic Brass Motion Engine by Kirk Hunter Studios

This is a fantastic instrument that is currently 33% Off with an introductory price of  $99.99 instead of $149.99 for a very limited time!

At the time of this publication, there does not exist another instrument that can let you play FOUR short sample brass sections (trumpets, French horns, trombones and tubas) at the SAME TIME.

Choose from 30 fun-to-play presets. And if you really want to get wild, you can choose the any of the same 30 presets for each section separately. That means you could have the trumpets playing the “Superman” preset, the French horns play the “Terminator” preset, the trombones play the “Xmen” preset, and the tubas play the “Cap. America” preset ALL AT THE SAME TIME! And of course, any or all of these patterns can be edited. 
 Sample Sound Review does a Walkthrough and PLAYTHROUGH of this impressive new library from Kirk Hunter Studios that comes Highly Recommended! 
Don't miss out on this intro price! 
Check the video out Below to learn more.

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