Tuesday, January 25, 2022

NEW RELEASE: CHORDS Magic Circle by W.A. Production

W.A. Production Chords Magic Circle Audio plugin

Magic Circle

Inspirational chords progressions to kickstart your music.

When you first sit down at a blank project sometimes you need a fresh hit of motivation and creativity. That’s why CHORDS is here for you. Originally designed for EDM productions, but useful for a variety of genres, this clever workstation will conjure chords of all shapes and sizes with just a couple of clicks. Try out new ideas for your tracks within the intuitive interface and let this plugin take the strain, from suggesting single 4-note chords to producing entire 8-chord riffs.

Global or Granular

Use the global controls to adjust inversions, length, speed and root key of the entire playback, making on-the-fly adjustments to your entire riff a simple process. To get into the detail, click a segment for more granular control over chord shapes (including major / minor variations), individual inversions and velocity.

Simple Segments

With up to 8 segments, each containing a different chord type, you can choose to trigger between one and four notes per chord. The playback of these segments syncs to the host BPM of your DAW, always remaining locked in time. You can add and subtract segments with ease and change a range of parameters, independently for each segment.

Essential Parameters

Each segment can be programmed with inversions from -6 to +6, transforming chord shapes and placing the root note inside of the chord itself. Experiment by pushing the lowest notes up an octave, or highest notes down an octave, turning your chords inside out.

Just The Tonic

With your chords loaded and a segment chosen, use the 18 buttons in the center of the interface to choose Tonic, Subdominant or Dominant chord shapes. From simple triads, right through to more complex shapes, let CHORDS find the right notes for any related chord. Fancy a G7sus4 or a Bm7b5? Just let this plugin find the correct notes and work out the difficult stuff for you.

Export MIDI

To get the chord progressions into your own projects, simply drag and drop from the plugin to your DAW. Then you can edit to your heart’s content, chopping up the MIDI, transposing and twisting the CHORDS suggestions to suit your own style of music.

Powerful Presets

CHORDS includes a huge number of factory preset progressions, all labelled in detail. These are useful musical motifs to get you up and running quickly which can eventually become the basis for whole tracks.

W. A. Production are real-life producers making creative plugins to help you achieve studio quality processing quickly and easily. Enjoy!


- Chord-creating MIDI effect

- Connects to any sequencer

- Global and per-segment control

- Intelligent harmonic progressions

- Preview mode for in-plugin playback

- Export MIDI

- Factory presets

- Resizable interface

- PDF Manual & Tutorial video

System Requirements

- Windows 8 and later (64 bit)

- macOS 10.15 and later (64 bit)

- AAX - ProTools 11 or higher

For us, anything that can improve our workflow can be a game-changer, and CHORDS certainly appears to be that. The ease with which we can come up with new musical ideas and build useful foundations for our tracks using the plugin is huge -- and we love the easy-to-use and eye-catching design of the UI.

VINAI / https://soundcloud.com/wearevinai

I'm really enjoying CHORDS so far -- sometimes, I just need a bit of inspiration when I'm stuck in a rut, and CHORDS makes it quick and easy to discover a useful looped progression and inspire the creation of a new song concept. Excited to keep exploring the plugin!

22Bullets / https://soundcloud.com/22bullets

This is the kind of super-simple plugin that’s going to be an essential tool for producers looking to get away from boring 3-finger triads. Truly inspirational!

The Samplecast / http://thesamplecast.com/ 


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