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AudioBrewers Ab Decoder Suite Plugin Suite


‘Audio Brewers ab Decoder Suite is a collection of plugins designed to manipulate, transform and decode Ambisonics signals automatically to multiple speakers arrays.

The collection of plugins was created with three goals in mind:

They should simply WORK.

They shouldn’t have tons of complicated settings or routing requirements.

They should troubleshoot your signal automatically.

ab Decoder Suite also comes with a ‘smart troubleshooting’ algorithm, which will check your signal chain and let you know if something is wrong with it.

The plugins are not only compatible with all Audio Brewers libraries, but also with any 1OA (First Order Ambisonics, or Ambix B-Format) audio file.

The suite contains:

ab Visualiser

This plugin is designed to visualise the signal, it’s a great way to be aware of how the signal revolves in the spatial field, especially if the signal will later be decoded to immersive format such as Surround or Atmos compatible formats. This plugin doesn’t change the signal.

ab Rotator

Welcome to the world of ‘true panning’, with ‘ab Rotator’ you can transform your signal in the three-dimensional field to have a true translation of how the sound REALLY behaves where you move it left/right… and even front/back and above/below. Gone are the days of hard-panning! No filters, nothing is emulated, this is the real thing!

ab Dominance Control

To help you focus further the sound, ‘ab Dominance’ is a tool that changes the weight of the signal towards a particular direction. In the Ambisonics world, this would be the equivalent of hard-panning.

ab Transformer (Rotator + Dominance)

This plugin includes the ‘Rotation’ and the ‘Dominance’ controls in-one, it’s great to quickly have all the ways available to transform the Ambisonics signal before its been decoded. Transformation happens first in Dominance and then in Rotation, so you can really focus your sound as narrowly as you desire.

ab Decoder

This plugin includes all the plugins listed above plus a powerful decoder that will adapt to the most used speaker-arrays our there - all the way from Stereo, to 7.1.4 Atmos beds.

Depending on your DAW, ‘ab Decoder’ might suggest you a speaker array, however, you can also manually change to your convenience. Additionally, you can control the placement of the speakers as well as their elevation.

ab Decoder Light (also available FOR FREE)

A Lighter version of ‘ab Decoder’ is also available to quickly decode your Ambisonics signal to different stereo patterns. It contains a rotator, a visualiser and speaker placement controls.


Compatible with Windows and MacOS (Intel and M1)


Compatible with all DAWs that support wider-than-stereo tracks (Cubase Pro, Nuendo, Pro Tools Ultimate, Reaper, Logic Pro X)

 44,00 Euro
ab Decoder Light: FREE

Available Here: Audiobrewers

Tutorials on how to setup in each DAW

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