Wednesday, January 12, 2022

65% off Oscillation Strings by Ben Osterhouse & PLAYTHROUGH

Oscillation Strings Ben Osterhouse Kontakt library


Oscillation Strings offers a unique approach to creating intimate, gentle, repeating string swells by providing a collection of 3 different Rhythmic Styles and user controlled Custom Swells in one easy to understand interface.

This library is perfect for Intimate Film Scoring, TV Music and Chamber Music!

Intimate, Gentle, Repeated String Swells For Violin, Viola, Cello & Bass

With “Oscillation Strings” everything has been programmed into one nki which provides intuitive access to everything:
Instruments – violin, viola, cello, or bass
Rhythms – energetic eighth notes – Medium Quarter notes – Broad expressive half notes
Custom Compression System
Custom Swells
Polyphonic Legato
Two different types of legato samples
Double or Halve time-stretching
Purge unused samples
11427 samples .ncw compressed

“Oscillation Strings” by Ben Osterhouse is perfect for intimate, gentle, repeating string swells. It can achieve a wide range of moods and is most ideally suited to:

  • Intimate Film Scoring
  • TV Music
  • Chamber Music

If you are looking for organic, intimate and inspiring string performances, this instrument is for you!

Note: Requires the FULL Retail version of Kontakt 6.3.1 or later (NOT compatible with the Free Kontakt Player).







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