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Symphonic Destruction is Heavyocity’s sonic deconstruction of the orchestra—rebuilding it from the ground up to push the bounds of power, creativity, and aggression in modern scoring. 




 Main Interface

The main central area is dedicated to the dynamics controls.  


The Cycle Page combines a rhythmic sequencer with an arpeggiator.

 Loop/Braam Designer 

The Designer Page is only available in the Loop and Braam Designer instruments.


Symphonic Destruction by Heavyocity is their latest flagship library offering a deconstructed orchestra reconstructed from the bottom up. The results equal a monumental partner to the consequential Damage 2. There is so much jaw-dropping content in this library that it will have you churning out epic cues in minutes. I've been trying to forecast what Heavyocity might be working on the last few, and this is definitely, not only a surprise but is groundbreaking!

Here's what you get with the library.

 There are 235 snapshots derived from 440 sound sources and 11,000 effect processed samples recorded at some of the world’s notable sound stages and 11 NKIs.

SD contains 26.71 GB of uncompressed sample content and takes up 17.4 GB on your hard drive using NI lossless compression.

 Symphonic Destruction divides the content into a Designers (Hybrid) and Performer section. There are 3 NKIs in the Designer folder that includes Designer, Braam Designer, and Loop Designer. The Designer NKI has five categories of snapshots called All-Stars, Damaged, Fx & Textures, Hybrid, and Loop Combos.

Braam Designer has six categories and comes with 108 Braams including, Full, Full II, Full III, All Subs, All Mids, and All Tails. I didn't think I needed any more Braams until now- these are simply BADASS and because you can design them to make them your own is an immense tool!

The Loop Designer comes with a collection of Straight, Triplet, and Performance. Two hundred and sixteen instantly tempo-synced cinematic inspiring Loops include 144 Straight/Triplet Motifs and 71 Straight/Triplet Rhythmic Pedals.

The Performer folder contains eight NKIs including, Traditional (30 articulations), Hybrid (25 articulations), Damaged (16 articulations), Soundscapes (26 articulations), Traditional Pedals (24 tempo-synced/multi-sampled), Hybrid Pedals (24 tempo-synced/multi-sampled), Damaged Pedals (24 tempo-synced/multi-sampled), and Damaged Guitars (24 tempo-synced/multi-sampled). There's a lot I like in this section that impressed me besides the traditional and hybrid articulations. The soundscapes were astounding and offer inspiring evolving content that could be made into an instant cue. They also threw in some awesome heavy chugging guitars that will add some metal chunk to your productions!

 Symphonic Destruction comes with plenty of effects. Heavyocity included their exclusive punish, twist, and macro-control knobs. There's also a Cycle page in the Designers section with granular possibilities and integrates a rhythmic sequencer with an arpeggiator.

 This library is a vital tool for everything hybrid, edgy, gritty, and modern. Symphonic Destruction is perfect for scoring films and trailers. The genres best suited would be action, drama, horror, crime, documentaries, and some more. Video Game composers will also find this to be a powerful resource within their scoring toolkit.

The sounds in Symphonic Destruction are not only first-rate! 

Symphonic Destruction elevates hybrid scoring on a whole new level, and I consider this a must-buy. The sheer magnitude of this library and thrilling sound design is a profound success from Heavyocity, and it receives no less than five out of five stars!

5 out of 5 STARS !









Written by Steve Montgomery
(Composer/Infinite Mindscape/Darkmood)

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