Saturday, October 9, 2021


Groth Playthrough and Review

GROTH evokes the atmosphere of mystical old northern gods, ancient cultural traditions, burial mounds, and rugged forests suspended in frost. This toolbox draws on rich and diverse traditions of folk music rooted in the depths of our past.

Meticulously sampled classical instruments meet passionately recorded folk and traditional instruments in one epic library. The sounds were recorded and performed with the collaboration of professional musicians, sound designers, and sound engineers.
 This toolbox offers a vast breadth of instruments and alternative techniques: from fully sampled northern tagelharpa and brutal buben drum to cold Tibetan kangling and self-built war horns. GROTH also delivers a massive number of organic sound designs for instant access. The Construction Kits will help you get inspired while saving time with ready-to-use elements, structures, and tricks from experienced composers. No need for third-party tools or plugins — all instruments are mixed, fully compatible, and ready to use.

GROTH provides everything you could need to create contemporary cinematic music inspired by the dark ages and mythology, modern viking-style and folk music, any kind of epic or dark post-horror music. It helps to add depth and provide a vast and unique atmosphere to your productions. 
This NKS library isn’t limited to ancient pagan folk music — rather, it lies at the crossroads of cinematic, modern folk, and post-horror.

Wavelet Audio Groth Kontakt Instrument  Playthrough


The bottom line, GROTH was a big surprise. I've become a big fan of Wavelet Audio, and they keep getting better with every release. I purchased Ashen Scoring Cello earlier this year and made a lot of use with it in my productions. GROTH is so much more and contains a vast amount of content. You really do get your money's worth out of this package. There are 61 instruments, construction kits, foley sounds, snapshots, and works with Free Kontakt Player.

It takes up 10.6 GB of hard drive space (15.6 GB of original sample material).

It takes up 10.6 GB of hard drive space (15.6 GB of original sample material). However, this is just a short review because all you need to do is watch the video below, and you'll see how great this library is. Keep in mind this is not a walkthrough video but a short Review & Playthrough of the snapshots. There are seven categories, including Playable Instruments, Percussion, Sounds & Effects, Loops & Pulses, Voices, Organic Synths, and Drones.

Powerful, epic, and simply Kicks Ass!

GROTH packs a serious punch!



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