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Cinematic Atmosphere Toolkit by Frozen Plain – 35% OFF!

Cinematic Atmosphere Toolkit by Frozen Plain – 35% OFF!


SEPTEMBER 2021 DEAL Highlight

For just $64.99, get Cinematic Atmosphere Toolkit by Frozen Plain!

Take your cinematic music to another level with this vast sample-library collection containing instrument-samples, atmospheres and sound design. All hosted inside FrozenPlain’s sample-based-synth, Mirage (VST/AU included free), which offers outstanding ease-of-access and control over the sounds.

Create horror scores involving jump scares, ominous instrumentation and eerie atmospheres. Take the listener to otherworldly realms with dream-like atmospheres. Design the sonic backdrop for a dystopian setting. Or even craft distorted sci-fi action effects. This library is made in collaboration with expert sound designer, Glitchedtones.

Full Details and Walkthrough

6 sample-libraries for atmosphere design
We’ve teamed up with Glitchedtones to create this collection of 6 sample libraries, featuring a total of 788 samples, each one playable as an ‘oscillator’ inside Mirage. As well as that, there are 300 carefully categorized presets that include sounds from all of the 6 libraries. These can be accessed using Mirage’s diverse randomization features for spontaneous inspiration, or you can craft your own sounds using the 3-layer architecture, envelopes, filters, looping controls and a whole rack of effects.

Abstract Energy
Chaotic Digital Sound-design: Digital chaos, turbulent atmospheres and cyber sound effects; Abstract Energy contains predominantly atonal sounds and one-shots that can be used for designing rich abstract textures/atmospheres and sound effects for sci-fi and horror; such as robotic machinery and dystopian industries. In total there are 60 ‘oscillators’ and 50 ready-to-go presets.

Horror Scares, Ghostly Vocals and Eerie Textures: Inject a sense of fear, dread, despair or tension into your horror productions with Paranormal. Create ghostly sound effects, ominous atmospheres, jump scares and abstract percussive patterns with ease. Included are 50 production-ready presets that can be loaded from the browser or through one of the numerous randomisation options – ideal for spontaneous inspiration.

Scare Tactics
Frightful Atmosphere Design: Scare Tactics is a collection of unsettling atonal textures, menacing drones, abstract hits, curious instruments and eerie transitions; providing all of the elements needed to construct convincingly creepy horror scenes full of dark ambience, jump scares and ominous presence. In total, there are 200 ‘oscillators’ as well as 50 production-ready presets.

Dreamy and Nightmarish Atmospheres: Create otherworldly dream-like atmospheres with Dreamstates, an ambient sample library for Mirage. It features 120 samples, both multi-tone (chords) and single-tone, including sounds such as stretched-out swathes of noise, hazy, washed-out melodics, deep tension-invoking drones, unique transitions and Lo-Fi tones. As well as this, there are 50 production-ready presets which are made further playable by Mirage’s randomization features. Dreamstates is perfect for scoring dream sequences, flashback scenes and for adding a sense of dreamy wonder to any genre of music.

Signal Interference
Noise Soundscapes: Create rich sonic environments with Signal Interference, a sample library of long hums, buzzes and static noise. This sound-design library is excellent for designing soundscapes for sci-fi, dystopian and industrial environments. It’s also great for layering with other instrumentation; either for sound effects or for atmospheric music. Most of the samples that make up Signal Interference are atonal, however, there are also some semi-tonal sounds that have been tuned to musical pitches and can be used to create intriguingly beautiful pads. It’s based on 40 ‘sustain’ samples which can be used to construct your own patches. 50 production-ready presets are also included.

Feedback Loops
Hard-hitting Feedback FX and Noise Textures: Distortion, feedback and noise; add a harsh or brutal dimension to your next music production. Feedback Loops contains everything from brutal feed-backing hits and FX, to atmospheric noise textures. This shape-able sound library is perfect for future technology sounds, horror atmospheres, corrupted audio flows and even powerful distortion scares. In total it contains 200 samples and 50 presets.

This product is powered by Mirage (included free), FrozenPlain’s VST/AU sampler engine
Once Mirage is opened up in your DAW, you’ll see all of your powered-by-Mirage products ready to click on and use instantly. There’s no subscription or log-in procedure, just instant access to the sounds and presets.

Mirage allows for up to three different sounds to be controlled separately and layered together. The layers in Mirage have the following controls unique to them: pitch, volume and pan, filter, volume envelope, LFO, EQ, sample loop settings and MIDI settings. These controls facilitate an incredible amount of manipulation over the original sound source.


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