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NEW RELEASE: Orchestral Tools Berlin Orchestra - Created with Berklee


Next Generation Inspiration: Orchestral Tools Announces Berlin Orchestra - Created with Berklee

Collaboration with preeminent music school provides students and educators with

core compositional toolkit from flagship Berlin Series sample libraries

Berlin, September 9, 2021- Orchestral Tools announces the release of Berlin Orchestra: Created with Berklee, a full-featured symphony orchestra of meticulously sampled instruments designed to serve as a core toolkit for professional scoring projects. 
Developed in collaboration with the world-renowned Berklee College of Music, Berlin Orchestra: Created with Berklee delivers everything needed for serious orchestral composition and scoring. Users can construct individual parts, intricate voicings, and sophisticated arrangements with numerous solo instruments and sections. 
The orchestra is specifically designed to allow composers to create just as they would for a live orchestra. All instruments are derived from Orchestral Tools’ acclaimed Berlin Series, to deliver a rich, organic, and nuanced sound. Berlin Orchestra: Created with Berklee will be available for order today September 9, at an introductory price of €649. The introductory pricing ends on September 23 and the regular price for the collection will be €849.

“Our aim with Berlin Orchestra: Created with Berklee was to give students a comprehensive foundation of sounds that would serve as a point of entry into professional composition,” says Orchestral Tools CEO & Founder Hendrik Schwarzer. “This orchestra has everything needed to construct individual parts, intricate voicings, and sophisticated arrangements at the highest levels. The only limit is the creator's imagination.”

Recorded at Teldex Scoring Stage in Berlin with the same peerless musicians and meticulous attention to detail as the other Berlin Series libraries, the Berlin Orchestra provides rich sonic textures that evoke the sound and feel of a live orchestra, with a level of subtlety and control for the most demanding compositional needs. The instrumentation includes a complete string section with soloists and ensembles, a brass section with soloists and ensembles, a detailed woodwinds section, and a wide range of percussion instruments—perfect for a wide variety of educational and compositional projects, as well as professional scoring for film, television, and video games.

“The partnership between Berklee and Orchestral Tools is one that will benefit our faculty and students for years to come,” said Sean McMahon, chair of the Film Scoring Department at Berklee. “This incredible technology will provide a multitude of opportunities for collaboration, creativity, and innovation here at Berklee that we would not have otherwise—the ability to utilize a full virtual orchestra is more important now than ever before in an environment of remote teaching and learning. I am grateful to Orchestral Tools for this tremendous partnership and I look forward to what’s to come.”   




● Full orchestra of instruments—strings (including a harp), woodwinds, brass, percussion

● Samples drawn from Orchestral Tools’ acclaimed Berlin Series

● Solo instruments and full sections for composing with correct voicings

● Sampled in situ for a balanced, natural sound out of the box

● Natural volume balancing across all instruments and voices for authentic orchestral sound

● Recorded at Teldex Scoring Stage in Berlin

Full compositional palette
This orchestra was designed specifically to achieve the learning goals of the Berklee students and will serve as the new curriculum at Berklee College of Music. Created with students in mind, it is available to the public so that all composers can access this comprehensive orchestra to write with. Users can build composition skills by working with both solo instruments and full sections. For example, there are four separate solo horns plus a horn ensemble, each with its own specific articulations. Composers can write with individual voicings and blend instruments to create unique sections. This orchestra helps foster exploration of each instrument and ensemble, while allowing users to hone their craft.

In situ: Everything in the right place
All instruments were carefully recorded on the Teldex Scoring Stage in Berlin at the same natural gain levels, with musicians located in traditional orchestra seating positions. Strings, woodwinds, brass, and percussion all blend naturally, in perfect balance. This leads to a true, authentic, and immediate representation of a given orchestral composition, right out of the box.

Instruments and sections

● 6 solo string instruments and 5 ensembles

● 12 solo woodwinds

● 11 solo brass instruments and 2 ensembles

● 7 solo percussion instruments, 3 collections 

Part of the Berlin Series
Berlin Orchestra (by Berklee) is part of the acclaimed Berlin Series—the most comprehensive, integrated collection of sampled orchestral instruments available. All Berlin Series libraries were recorded with the finest musicians, in situ, on the same Teldex Scoring Stage in Berlin. Designed for complete consistency across the series, all Berlin Series libraries play together perfectly, enabling users to seamlessly incorporate new sounds and customize their virtual orchestras for each project.

Created with Berklee
Berlin Orchestra (by Berklee) was created in close collaboration with Berklee College of Music—the world’s preeminent college for studying music. At Berklee, students experience all aspects of the music industry—from performance and composition to teaching and management—through a rigorous interdisciplinary curriculum.

With this comprehensive sample collection, Berklee and Orchestral Tools have produced a tremendous educational and creative resource that can complement any academic music program or individual course of study. 

Berlin Orchestra by Berklee will be available for order today September 9, for an introductory price of €649. The introductory pricing ends on September 23. The regular price for the collection is €849.

Prices quoted here are excluding VAT—VAT may be added on purchases from within the EU.

Berlin Orchestra by Berklee runs in the free SINE player, which is available at:

Further product information
Additional information about Berlin Orchestra by Berklee is available at:


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