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Orchestral Tools Reviews

Orchestral Tools Miroire is a rich period of instruments and vocal samples in a modern sample collection of an earlier age. 


Miroire was all recorded with professional musicians using a multitude of string, woodwind, brass, and choir samples. 


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Miroire, by Orchestral Tools, is a modern sample library interpretation of the Baroque era of orchestral period instruments and voices. The Baroque era lasted approximately 1600 to 1750 and has had a resurgence of late, and this library can be a beneficial tool for the modern composer. 

Let's take a closer look.

I believe Orchestral Tools released Miroire at the perfect time where the demand is strong and includes three string ensembles, five solo woodwinds, four brass instruments, and a male/female chamber choir. 

The Main two String Ensemble includes four violins and three violas. Orchestra Tools used Gut strings and Period bows to capture the authentic warm, rich, and smooth tone these instruments are designed to produce. They recorded a mix of replica and actual time-period instruments. The violins and violas are sampled brilliantly and have that intimately beautiful sound.


The Basso Continuo section is otherwise known as thorough-bass or figured bass. It includes two Celli, a Double Bass, and a Bassoon to create those continuous bass lines significant to Baroque music. It's considered the third-string ensemble except for a Bassoon (double-reed woodwind). Because of the tenor and bass sound of the instrument, it is a distinct part of the Basso Continuo ensemble and contains impeccable low end.

In the Woodwinds, you get a Baroque Flute, Oboe, Oboe d’amore, Oboe de Caccia, and an Alto Recorder. These instruments are more delicate than modern winds and deliver a more eloquent, passionate tone for a more soothing emotional feel. 


The brass consists of valveless period horns that convey a powerful heroic sound used in Fanfare, which is defined as short ceremonial tunes used to introduce something or someone of importance.  Think of a short horn passage to welcome a king or a military salute. Orchestral Tools did not include legato in the brass section to keep it to the precise fanfare style. The two solo horns and two trumpets have a bona fide bright and majestic sound

Finally, the Choir consisting of both males and females. There are 19 syllables from German liturgy used by composers like Bach, vowel sustains, and legato. This chamber choir is compelling, detailed, usable, and a gorgeous completion to this library. 

Miroire was recorded in Berlin’s prestigious Teldex Studio and using the most conventional tuning of A4=415 Hz for Baroque music. It comes with a ton of articulations, and the mic positions are abundant. There are spot mics, a deca tree, a close A/B, an A/B mic above the tree, and a combination of surround and wide mics. Each one can be turned on or off and can be adjusted with each individual mix slider.

 This library is housed in Orchestra Tools highly intuitive Free Sine Player stand-alone plugin and is
SINEarc compressed: 32,92 GB /Uncompressed: 97,9 GB/ 24 bit / 48 KHz .

The bottom line, Miroire would be excellent for composing historical dramas, fantasy, documentaries, trailers, commercials, video games, and so much more. They will also blend well with other libraries. Personally, I love this sound, and over the years, it has increasingly become increasingly popular in media productions. I hear these instruments all over, and the expertly crafted sound of Miroire makes this a must-have if you want this intimate orchestral sound.


MIROIRE is a superbly executed library and what is old is new again. This collection of instruments offers a vault of inspiration for the modern composer and will stand the test of time!





Written by Steve Montgomery
(Composer/ Infinite Mindscape/Darkmood)

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