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Westwood Instruments Percussion Untamed  Reviews by Sample Sound Review


PERCUSSION UNTAMED is Westwood Instruments next installment in their “Untamed” series and it's an unconventional percussion sample library for Kontakt.

A percussion instrument made from the sounds of tapping, knocking, hitting and scraping a violin, viola, cello and bass. Recorded during the Solo Strings Untamed sessions, we captured 40 unique sounds. With a really human feeling behind each one, some of the sounds are more traditional, whilst others are much more experimental.

Included are over 200 drag-and-drop MIDI loops written and performed by percussionists. A brilliant starting point if you need a hit of instant inspiration. Equally helpful if you’re on a tight deadline and just need something that works.

Either way this is percussion sample library that’s just a bit different. It’s right at home in rhythmical string quartet arrangements as well as full-on action cues when you need something that doesn’t sound like every other composer’s taiko drums.

40 unique sounds
Most sounds have 6 round robins and 3 velocity layers

220 drag-and-drop MIDI loops
5 time signatures: 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 6/8, 7/8
Kontakt FULL 5.6.8 or above
Will NOT work in the free Player

Recorded at The Nave, one of the North of England’s finest recording studios; a converted church with the most beautiful sounding live room.



Westwood Instruments releases their fifth Untamed instrument using uncommon percussion sounds like tapping, knocking, hitting, scrapes, and more.

These sounds are perfect for today's modern scores. Westwood used real percussionists to get a strong-human feel with this library. I am a big fan of the untamed series, and they certainly fulfilled a need for more of these sounds.

They include a vast array of loops with a variety of time signatures and contain 40 sounds. You also get over 200 drag and drop midi loops that you can use straight in your DAW using other sounds. The interface of Percussion Untamed is pretty simplistic and designed with colored key switches. Each color triggers something different.

Each color triggers something different. Red Keys - individual loops. Yellow Keys - Bass sounds. Orange Keys - Hitting sounds. Green Keys- Knocking sounds. Blue Keys- Tapping sounds. Pink Keys- Experimental sounds. Fuchsia Keys- Looped swishing sounds. Black Keys- Non-functional.

Westwood recorded the majority of samples with three dynamic layers and six round robins. All controls are on one page, including tuning, Eq, Fx, Pan, two Microphone mixer sliders, volume, and loop selections. The black of Red keys contains all the loops. Beginning on 

C1 triggers the “Minimal” loop. C#1 Plays the “Simple loop. D1 Plays the“Standard” loop, and D#1 Plays the “Complex” loop. 

A Percussion library like this is unique in the nontraditional sense and is what I hear used in today's film trailers. This library requires the full version of Kontakt 5.6.8 or higher and is light on the CPU. The price is right and very affordable. I recommend watching the great walkthrough below for more details about the instrument.


PERCUSSION UNTAMED by WESTWOOD INSTRUMENTS packs a nice punch without the need for taikos or other cinematic drums. These are the sounds that tell a different story and can really emphasize a mood. One hundred percent organic, unorthodox, and will give your composition some vitality. Percussion Untamed earns a



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