Wednesday, July 21, 2021

87% off Baltic Shimmers by Sonic Atoms - Halion Sonic SE & OMNISPHERE BUNDLE


87% off “Baltic Shimmers” by Sonic Atoms

This bundle combines both versions of Sonic Atoms’ stunning Baltic Shimmers libraries – one for the free HALion Sonic SE 3 Player and one for Spectrasonics Omnisphere.

Baltic Shimmers is not just a soundset, it’s a sample library made with organic sounds: sea, birds, acoustic and electric musical instruments. It was designed as a film and game scoring tool, especially to work as additional colour in complex pieces, but it can be also used solo in a minimalistic way.

“Baltic Shimmers” is an instrument with very characteristic timbre. It was inspired by the sea which you can immediately hear while playing its “Shimmer” type of sounds.

The instruments in this bundle contain the following content:

Baltic Shimmers for Halion SE – 120 Patches: 28 Drones, 50 Pads, 32 Shimmers
Baltic Shimmers Omnisphere Edition – 144 patches based on 144 original sound sources: 29 Drones, 74 Pads, 41 Shimmers

These unique instruments can be almost static like calm sea, move like waves and eventually turn into foam like shimmer, which spreads and fade away in time…

Inspiring Drones, Pads and Shimmers that are perfect for all types of Film & Video Game scoring!

Get it at 87% off before it’s gone!

Real value: $88.47
You save: $77.14 - Only $11.33 U.S.
For a Limited Time!








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