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VENTO is a new cinematic modern woodwinds virtual instrument by Heavyocity for Native Instruments Kontakt.


All Traditional instruments share the same Interface layout.

  (This GUI contains Dynamics controls, articulations, and mixer.)

This is the Main Interface for the Woodwind Designer

(Access to Macro Control, Punish, and Twist Effects)

Woodwind Loop Designer

(Where you can playback and layer loop content.)

Within this page, you can layer loops using the Designer Keys, 
as well as edit the parameters for each loop in the instrument.


After the release of the Forzo: Modern Brass last year, I wondered how long it would take before Heavyocity would create a modern Woodwinds instrument. Well, the year is almost over and here it is, VENTO: Modern Woodwinds. The instrument works with Native Instruments Kontakt or Kontakt Player (6.1.1 or later). So, if you do not own the full version of Kontakt, you can play this library within the Free version of the Kontakt player. VENTO is large, weighing in at just over 27 GB of uncompressed sample content and installs at 18.5 GB with Kontakt’s lossless compression. There is 11,213 samples, 110 snapshot presets, 163 articulations, 432 tempo-synced loops, 57 NKAs, and 7 NKIs.

Inside VENTO, there are 5 Traditional instruments including Clarinets, Flutes, High Ensemble (ensemble of piccolos, flutes, clarinets, and oboes), Low Ensemble (ensemble of 2 bass clarinets and 2 bassoons), and V Contra Bass Ensemble (ensemble of 2 contrabass clarinets and 2 contrabassoons). The Traditional instruments contain a variety of articulations that you can interchange via the interface or midi key-switches. Each traditional instrument consists of five subfolders called Core, Extended, FX, and Rips.

If you’re familiar with Forzo and Novo Modern Strings, you'll recognize the layout is nearly identical. Within the center of the GUI, you’ll find the interface houses a Dynamic Control knob and velocity switch assigned to ModWheel (MIDI CC1). Below the Dynamics Knob, there is a four-channel microphone mixer including, full, close, room, and hall.

Inside the Evolved content, there are 2 NKIs, called the Woodwinds Designer and the Woodwinds Loop designer. The Woodwinds designer includes four sub-categories including, Organic, Ambient, FX & Textures, Rhythmic, and Loop Combos. I found that the organic and ambient presets had a wonderful variation of complex ethereal and dark atmospheres. The FX & Textures folder contained plenty of disturbing tension and suspense worthy presets that will surely send a chill up your spine. Names like Helloween, Hypnotic Horror, Hair Raising, and Swelling Fear could only mean they would be perfect in a Horror type of score. Within the Evolved interface, you’ll have access to Macro Controls, Master FX, and the signature Punish and Twist effects. In the Rhythmic folder, you’ll find a wonderful selection of pulsating presets valuable for hybrid scoring. There’s lots of movement within these sounds. Pulses and ARPS are the backbones of the motion. The final section inside Woodwinds Designer is Loop Combos. The presets are divided up in Straight and Triplet. These include Ambient Combo, Motif Combo, Rhythmic Combo, and Rhythmic Pedal (low, mid, high).

The Woodwind Loop Designer nki is the last category of presets featuring five sub-folders Straight, Straight Reverse, Triplet, Triplet Reverse, and Performance. The loops sound brilliant and offer quick solutions to scoring deadlines. I loaded Forzo and Novo Strings together with VENTO inside Kontakt and was stunned at how well they performed in concert together. One important factor I need to state is how low my CPU ran with no spiking while playing all three instruments at once. Composers looking for a combination of deeply sampled traditional and hybrid woodwinds sound design should take notice. Adding this to your Orchestral template will not only enrich your compositions but elevate it to a whole other level.

There are tons of sound-sculpting options, but VENTO sounds incredible right from the start. As you can see, the possibilities with this library are lofty, and Heavyocity delivers another brilliant chapter in cinematic music production. As the holidays' kick-off, I would put this at the top of my most-wanted list. Registered owners of Novo/Forzo receive a $50 VENTO coupon by checking offers inside your account.

You now have the third installment in a trilogy of superb orchestral virtual instruments to add to your composer's toolkit.

VENTO: Modern Woodwinds is magnificently inspiring and offers a fresh, innovative, and leading-edge experience in modern scoring.

5 out of 5 Stars !


Written by Steve Montgomery 
(Infinite Mindscape & Darkmood)

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