Thursday, November 28, 2019


“Orchestral Dust” is a dual voice ROMpler – aimed at Orchestral style pads and underscore. 

Orchestral Dust features 12 different multi-sampled orchestral instruments and each has a set of articulations and ensemble 

As well as many “classic” synthesis controls, like Attack, Release, and filters, “Orchestral Dust” also offers a new approach to generating sounds using granular synthesis to produce some truly different and unique sounds!

Orchestral Dust allows you independent maximum control over the grain playback for each voice. You can select gain (volume), audio file position and pitch of each grain, and within each of these you can set up your own loops for modulating and evolving sounds.

Orchestral Dust also includes many “classic” synthesis controls, like Attack, Release, and filters, V1.5 includes a streamlined approach to the granular engine, using a set of simplified granular engine controls, that allow you to get to interesting and controlled sounds very very quickly. All of this adds up to the ability to create unique evolving lively sounds for your orchestral underscore.

Alongside these features Orchestra Dust has a powerful set of effects tracks and gates. There’s a send effects rack (with 4 different slots). There are also 4 convolution spaces for each voice, Overhead, Room, Studio, and Hall. There’s our innovative and powerful tempo-based gating system that extends the normal trance-gate approach (which is volume-based) to add additional gating effects using things like different filter types and distortion effects.

We included our innovative scene controls too - you set three "Scenes" or keyframes for volume, pan and pitch in each voice and use the mix control to morph between them. We even added our Drift Engine for subtle pitch drifting.

Orchestral Dust is available for Kontakt 5.8.1 (Not for Kontakt Player) and above and comes with over 60 snapshots.

Highly Recommended

Orchestral Dust is certainly an original Kontakt instrument designed for hybrid orchestral music. I was impressed with how well the GUI was designed and all the functions you can do to develop an original evolving sound. The presets and articulations are abundant that grants a powerful punch.

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