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MAN MAKES NOISE releases 'The Duck of Death' for Omnisphere 2.6



The Duck of Death contains 200 patches, 50 multis and 165 original soundsources. The patches are divided into 11 categories that are easily identifiable within Omnisphere.

Arp + Bpm (51), Distortion (6), Electronic Mayhem (2), Hits And Bits (16), Keyboards (2),

Pads + Strings (34), Synth Bass (20), Synth Long (8), Synth Mono (6), Synth Poly (37), Texture Soundscapes (18).

The Multis are divided into two categories with 25 multis in each:

Cinematic Duckments and World of Ducks. 

The Duck of Death also contains a bonus library of drums recorded from a cardboard box and processed into electronic drum kits. This is provided in a simple Kontakt instrument as well as .wav files.

Tech Specs:
The Duck of Death requires Spectrasonic's Omnisphere 2.6.
The Duck of Death takes up approx. 300 MB of hard drive space. 

I'm offering a freebie of 10 patches for you to test out what The Duck of Death is.
Get the patches here.

The price of The Duck of Death is 39€ (excluding VAT) with an intro price of 25€ (excluding VAT). The intro offer is available until the 24th of November.


Unique and bizarre sampling has always been something that has interested me. Taking a sound from the most unusual object and turning it into an instrument can be quite impressive. MAN MAKES NOISE (aka- Composer and sound designer Tapsa Kuusniemiis) one of those sound designers that takes organic sampling to a new level. The Duck of Death is a brand new Omnisphere 2.6 soundset that will have you talking.

Admittedly, an Omnisphere library featuring sound-source samples of toy ducks did sound a little crazy to me. However, I had the pleasure of reviewing his previous Omnisphere library The Lobby Piano, and I figured it had to be something special. MAN MAKES NOISE has an art of turning something that may sound unusual into a transformation of cinematic greatness.

Let me give you some details about The Duck of Death. First off, it contains 200 patches, 50 multis, and 165 original soundsources. Nevertheless, this library doesn't sound like a bunch of quacking ducks. It sounds like the exact opposite of what one would expect. The presets are evolving, hybrid, original, atmospheric, and modern. There are trailer hits, braams, deep basses, drones,cinematic rhythms, and more.

I have to tell you, the titles of the patches cracked me up. Names like Steamed Duck, Smack that Duck, Deep Fried Duck, or Massive Duck Fart had me smiling every time I pressed the key. However, this library is not a joke, and since only toy ducks were used in the creation of this library, it's vegan approved..HA HA!

 I noticed MAN MAKES NOISE designed many of patches in the library using the 3 and 4 layers available in Omnisphere 2.6. There's a lot I like about this library, and one of my favorite parts is the Pads+Strings category. The pads are dark, dynamic, and edgy. I could hear these pads in many of the modern underscores released today. They have the perfect balance of distortion and filters assigned to the modwheel. Complex movement with added grit delivers fantastic results.  With names like Ducknobyl, D for Ducketta, and Ducks of Oblivion, I can only imagine what might have influenced these patches.

You should find plenty of inspiration with The Duck of Death. Whether your scoring Horror, Sci-Fi, Suspense, Drama, Documentaries, Video Games, or Trailers, there's a plethora of originality.

Another favorite category was the multis. There's 25 Cinematic Duckments and 25 World of Ducks. The Cinematic Duckments were powerful, compelling, and rhythmic. I wasn't expecting these epic results.

One more section I want to point out is the 'Texture Soundscapes'. There's a stunning collection of spooky atmospheric environments that is both chilling and full of shadowy ambiences. Bend like Duckham, Ducklings, Horror of Ducks, and Sea of Ducks are just a few standouts.

I didn't cover everything, but I can assure you there is a numerous amount of content that is significant and worthy of your purchase. You'll also receive a bonus library of drums recorded from a cardboard box and processed into electronic drum kits. I'm not reviewing the bonus instrument, but I will say it's a satisfying little Kontakt library that also contains the wav files.

The Duck of Death is nothing to laugh at, its a thrilling expedition into beauty and darkness.
Toy ducks never sounded so scary, otherworldly, and ethereal. The price of content is a no-brainer, and I think you'll agree once you play it. If you want to hear this library in action, make sure to check out the demos or walkthrough video below to verify what I'm saying.

MAN MAKES NOISE releases an unconventional soundset designed with expertise and delivers wonderful results!

5 out of 5 Stars !


Written by Steve Montgomery 
(Infinite Mindscape & Darkmood)

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