Sunday, September 22, 2019

REVIEW: STRINGACHE 'Twisted String Gestures' by Silence+Other Sounds

Stringache is a modern horror library of mangled string noises


6 folders of high resolution and Royalty-Free sounds

A total of 570+ sounds (96 kHz, 24 bit .wav)

Crescendos and mangled rising clusters (cello, viola, violin)

Piercing high note screeches and jump scares
Dark cellos and double bass jetè
Twisted string gestures
Rhythms and clocks

Construction kit of 270+ source recordings (double bass, cello, viola and violin)

14 Kontakt Instruments (Full version 5.8.1 or later required) with a custom UI to further manipulate the sounds

    (This is the Main GUI)


    I ran across Silence + Other Sounds at the end of August. I ended up picking up the S+OS library 'Freaktion' in early July. Freaktion has become one of my top picks for Horrors FX sample libraries in 2019. However, this review isn't about Freaktion, it's about Stringache!

    Silence and Other Sounds is founded by sound designer and media composer Giuseppe Caiazzo who started this company as a musical project of experimental electronic music. Since then, it has emerged into a powerful sound design company for composers. 

    Within Stringache, you get fourteen Kontakt instruments that also include the WAV files. There is designed samples and source recording samples incorporated in this library. It's nice to have the option to import WAV samples into a Synth or directly into a DAW for other sound design possibilities.

    The layout of GUI is clean and easy to get around. Everything is laid out on one page that allows for faster workflow. There are three layers in the middle of the interface with three different colors. Clicking on each layer button will allow you to manipulate that layer only, via the controls. For instance, if you click on Layer 2, you can adjust the Pitch, EQ, Envelopes, Filters (LPF =Loss Pass Filter / HPF= High Pass Filter/ Resonance), Drive, Damp, and Saturation of only that layer. At the top right, you'll find three volume controls with three different colors above the word volume. Each volume slider corresponds to each of the three layers for easy mixing. At the bottom of the page, you'll find the Reverb and Delay master effects. Above the layers within the interface, you'll see the waveform displayed with a color that matches an association of keys matching that color. I like visually seeing the sample waveform, so I know the exact length of each sample. As I said above, there are three layers with 3 different colors. The colors on Layer 1 is Gray, Layer 2 is blue, and Layer 3 is purple. The color on each layer is associated with a family of keys on the keyboard. Three groups of each color is spread out across the keyboard. This is a clear, straightforward design, in my opinion.

    The quality of the sounds in Stringache shocked me! It was exactly what I hoped for, but I made sure I didn't set my expectations too high before digging into the entire instrument. I've owned a lot of horror-themed FX libraries that comprise of great horror string fx, but Stringache manages to surpass most of them. Almost every spine-tingling, unnerving, tension infused string sound is be found in this library. Stringache will complement any suspenseful composition that needs a shocking scare or creepy dark atmospheric build-up.

    The 14 Kontakt instruments are Cinematic String FX 1, 2, 3, Crescendos, Dark Cello Jete Reverse, Dark Cello Jete, Low Pitch Cello Jete, Rhythm Clocks, Screeches + Stabs, Twisted Gestures, and 4 other folders of Source Recordings. 6 Folders within the WAV Samples folder include, Dark Cello Strokes, Crescendos Clusters, Twisted Gestures, Psycho Stabs+Screeches, Rhythm Clocks, and Source Recordings.

    As you can see, this is a very robust package. Whether your scoring Horror, Suspense, Drama, Crime, Video Games, or anything in between, you'll find an arsenal of chilling to horrifying sounds.

    Stringache is utterly terrifying, sinister, and wickedly brilliant! A dark, brooding, masterful execution in horror sound design and is a must-have!

    5 OUT OF 5 STARS

    Written by Steve Montgomery 
    (Infinite Mindscape & Darkmood)

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