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For simply $25.99 (rather of $138), get unEarthed Sampling Cinematic Bundle that features 5 of their finest libraries
unEarthed Sampling develops extremely cinematic instruments that are playable right out of the box with very little tweaking which are not all that expensive.

Constructed for the complete retail version of Kontakt, these sounds are a wellspring of motivation and will end up being an instantaneous go-to for your next projects.
Originally $138, this bundle is now available for just $25.99 for a very limited time –-- you savings $112! 

Let's take a look at this Deal a little more in detail.


Whether a dragon is attacking a town, or a squad of archers are releasing a hellfire of arrows on to a castle... SIEGE DRUM should be in your composing arsenal to help up the drama of your music!

Our third release brings a cost effective set of cinematic / epic drum multi-samples to your composing palette perfect for your next film or game score.

For SIEGE DRUM we recorded a large 13 x 13 Medieval Davul Drum in both a studio setting for extremely dry recordings as well as in an old late 19th century hall built in 1896 giving the recordings a very unique and nice sense of space.
The Shakuhachi Flute was originally introduced from China into Japan in the 8th century and underwent a resurgence in the early Edo Period.
The shakuhachi is traditionally made of bamboo, but versions now exist in ABS and hardwoods. It was used by the monks of the Fuke school of Zen Buddhism in the practice of suizen.
It was also a favorite of film composer James Horner and used on countless of his film scores.
17 Kontakt Patches and a bonus Taiko drum patch!


Esper Synth sets out to accurately re-create some of the most iconic sounds heard from Vangelis' iconic Bladerunner score such as the awesome brassy lead and pad found in "Main Titles" and "Blade Runner Blues."

This library was recorded from an actual CS80 synth, Vangelis' signature sound.

Spaceology contains 13 patches for Kontakt 5+ from space... no, really!

The patches are all derived from the actual NASA recordings recently released into the public domain (this instrument is in no way endorsed by NASA).


The Hammer-On technique is usually utilized to bridge notes together... or for killer solos. For this library it is the sole articulation used and played on a stratocaster which has been cleanly recorded and multi-sampled.

There are no loops here (save for one patch), each patch contains meticulously recorded and mastered multisamples as played on a strat.

As this sort of play style is normally not showcased giving this instrument a very unique sound and timbre not found anywhere else. Just check out the two demos below, EVERYTHING heard is from Hammer-On.


As for me, this bundle is a great bargain. The Esper Noir Synth that was recorded with a CS80 Synth is makes this bundle a true winner. Even though I really enjoyed all the instruments in this library, I have to say the Esper Synth is a must have! If you were to buy all the sample libraries separately, it would cost you $138. So, you get a savings of $112 with a price point of only $25.99. If you only bought the Esper Synth at it's retail cost, you would essentially be getting 4 other amazing Kontakt instruments free. Keep in mind, you do need to own the full version of Kontakt to use these instruments outside the demo mode.

If you would like to hear how great the instruments sound, I provided a preset video walkthrough below that you can check out. I highly recommend this Deal as a must buy from a remarkable sound design company 'unEarthed Sampling' and APD. 


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