Friday, August 9, 2019

DEAL REVIEW: Celestia by Impact Soundworks (Vst Buzz)

For a Limited Time you can get
69% off
“Celestia” by Impact Soundworks
“Celestia” is the ideal tool for atmospheric, ethereal, haunting and evocative instruments! With over 550 hand-crafted sounds ranging from acoustic instruments and textures, to hybrid synths, morphs, pads and beyond. 
It includes a slick, modern synthesis engine with deep editing and infinite ways to customize your sound making it perfect for EDM, dramatic flair, orchestral layering or anything else you imagine!
In any case, as opposed to concentrating on dull, lumpy, and overwhelming sound design, Impact Soundworks rather engaged the sound library and presets on the lighter finish of range… the library of Celestia contains:

Inside "Celestia" you'll locate a rich choice of 550+ exceedingly cleaned presets to move your music. Past that, the motor of Celestia was created for complete customization.

6GB of Content Featuring 12 Categories Of Heavenly Sound Design!

Celestia contains:

Atmospheric Pads
Ambient Textures
Heavenly Bells
Airy Choirs
Soft Plucks
Cosmic Effects

The factory NKI presets of Celestia are organized into sub-folders within the Instruments folder:

Synth Poly

Normally $140.64 but you can get it at 69% off before it’s gone!

$44.23 is the lowest price I've ever seen for Celestia


This is an excellent library that has tons of content at a price you can't refute. Whether you are scoring something hybrid, an underscore, a trailer, ambient, or frankly anything else you'll find extreme value with Celestia. If you don't believe me watch my preset walk through video below demonstrating a lot of presets. I give this Deal my Highest Recommendation and worth the purchase!

Don't wait though this Deal expires soon!

Preset Walkthrough Video


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