Friday, August 9, 2019

DEAL REVIEW: Rast Sound World’s Originals Collection 80% Off (Audio Plugin Deals)

For only $89.99 (rather than $440), get the full Rast Sound World's Originals Collection highlighting 11 of the best libraries from Rast Sound

The World's Originals Collection contains 11 one of a kind, top rated libraries brimming with neighborhood instruments, vocals and recordings from 30 plus nations and societies. This gathering additionally contains the all new ATLAS engine offering solo performances and loops from 3 mainlands.

Sounds of Morocco, Sounds of Cambodia and Asian Colours have uncommon and neighborhood sound hues, some never heard. Balkan, Inca and Ceremonial Vocals offer access to an abundance of vocal exhibitions and solo playable instruments of various musicians and societies. Also, the gathering offers solo instruments of Ney wind, Kemenche and Kemane Strings just as Anatolian Percussions from the Middle East.

All instruments in this enormous accumulation were recorded nearby and further altered to make them ideal for use as solo instruments, phrases, unique  performances and expressions.

All libraries are accessible for Kontakt and furthermore in HD WAV format.

Initially $440, this gigantic accumulation is currently accessible for only $89.99 temporarily and you save a whopping $350! 
This is an astounding easy decision offer you ought not miss!

11 Unique Libraries from All Around the World
11 GB Unzipped
3750+ Samples
300+ Kontakt Instruments and Presets
80+ Solo Instruments and Vocals
All Available for Kontakt (full version) and WAV formats


I had a blast playing with Rast Sound World's Originals Collection. If anyone is looking for stunning ethnic world instruments in solo or performance loops this will make your day! 11 Kontakt Libraries with instruments from an array of countries is hard to pass up. Rast Sound has created their sample libraries with pristine sound quality. To not recommend this bundle would be a crime. Even if you don't use these instruments right now, there may come a day when you need to score a documentary or need unique instruments to score scenes from other cultures. You can watch my preset walkthrough video below to hear how great this collection sounds. 
Having this in your scoring arsenal is a total win, and at a price of $89.99 instead of $440 is a deal you should not pass up!!


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