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REVIEW: BAM Beat Maker & Music Maker by Imaginando

 REVIEW: BAM Beat Maker & Music Maker by Imaginando

BAM - Beat Maker & Music Maker provides all the tools necessary to transform your musical rhythmic visions into reality.


Versatile Track Configuration: BAM offers 16 rack-style tracks alongside Master and 2 send channels, providing ample space for your creative endeavors.

Extensive Plugin Support: With AUv3 plugin compatibility, including MIDI effects, you have the freedom to enhance your sound with a wide range of additional tools and instruments.

Comprehensive Mixing Capabilities: The full mixer in BAM empowers you with controls for volume, pan, mute, solo, and arm, ensuring precise control over your audio elements.

Integrated Synthesis Engines: Explore a variety of soundscapes with built-in synthesis engines such as Oscillator synth, Drum synth, sampler, and classic acid bass synth, offering a rich palette of sonic possibilities.

Diverse Built-in Effects: Elevate your tracks with a suite of built-in effects including Filter, 3-band EQ, parametric EQ, delay, chorus, compressor, reverb, phaser, saturator, bit reduction, and stereo enhancer, allowing for nuanced sound shaping.

Intuitive MIDI Editing: Craft intricate melodies and rhythms with ease using the MIDI clip piano roll editor and step sequencer, which supports up to 256 steps per clip.

Dynamic Parameter Modulation: Dive deeper into sound design with clip-based parameter modulation editor, track-level trigger options, and modulation tools like LFO and EG modulators.

Efficient Workflow Tools: Streamline your workflow with the Matrix MIDI clip and scene launcher, offering extensive follow action options for seamless arrangement exploration.

Expansive Sample Library: Access over 1000 drum and percussive samples, along with a variety of melodic timbres, to fuel your creativity and enhance your productions with diverse sounds.


In the ever-evolving world of music production, finding the right tools to unleash your creativity is essential. BAM - Beat Maker is a digital playground where rhythm meets innovation. Whether you’re a music producer or a casual beat maker, this software ignites your musical journey with a sophisticated piece of software. BAM includes a ton of samples and sounds for you to explore. You'll find everything from melodic instruments to acoustic and electronic drum and percussion samples.

BAM doesn’t hold back when it comes to the sounds and presets. When you open up the Factory folder, there are two sub-folders called Presets and Samples. The presets folder includes two categories Effects (Effects Devices) and Engines (Engine Devices). The effects folder contain Bit Reduction, Chorus, Compressor, Delay, Equalizer, Reverb, Saturator, and Distortion. 


The Samples folder comes with two sub-folders Drums and Sounds. The Drums have 9 divisions of drums sounds (Clap,Cymbal, Fx, Hi-Hat, Kick, Perc High, Perc Low, Snare, and Tom) created from Acoustic and Electronic drums. The Sounds folder include 8 category of sounds including, Bass, Brass, FX, Lead, Pad, Stringed, Synths Keys/Organs, and Woodwind. Together, these make up the whopping 1,000 samples available out of the box.


The interface of BAM can look intimidating at first, but after watching the video manual series of videos it becomes more clear and intuitive. I admit this does go deeper than I anticipated, but creating beats is a lot of fun when you get going. There are a series of eight tutorial videos in the instruction playlist which let you know this is a powerful piece of software.  

The heart of BAM lies in its beat sequencing. You can begin crafting your MIDI clips either in the TIMELINE or the COMPOSER. You add and edit notes there, which are then organized into sequences using the MATRIX panel. To enhance your compositions, you can add dynamics and movement using either the MODULATORS panel or the AUTOMATIONS panel.


BAM encourages live experimentation. You can switch to performance mode, connect your MIDI controller, and watch the magic unfold. Jam with the built-in instruments, trigger samples on the fly, and warp loops in real time. The audience won’t know what hit them when you unleash those glitched-out arpeggios during your next gig.


 Moreover, BAM's flexibility enables users to customize their compositions according to their preferences. From adjusting tempo and rhythm to layering different sounds and effects, the possibilities for creative expression are virtually limitless.

BAM isn’t just a beat maker; it’s a sonic playground where imagination dances with technology. Whether you’re composing EDM, Techno, Cyberpunk, Dubstep, Hip Hop, House, Live Playing, or creating rhythmic grooves for a soundtrack, BAM delivers a realm of boundless groove and experimentation. 

Available on Windows Desktop, Mac OS, and iOS.









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