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Presenting the latest release from Inlet Audio, the Altamira Scoring Piano, brought to you by Altamira Sound and James Riotta.

James Riotta, the proud owner of Altamira's vintage Fischer Upright Piano dating back to 1900, brings a wealth of experience to this collaboration. Known for his diverse discography and impressive collaborations with artists such as Jamie xx, Dirty Projectors, and Alex Cameron, Riotta's passion for crafting exceptional records is evident in every note.

In January 2022, Riotta co-founded Altamira Sound, a cutting-edge recording facility nestled within a 3800-square-foot warehouse in Alhambra, alongside partners Rob Shelton, Carly Bond, and Andrew Maguire. Grounded in a jazz background and mentored by industry veterans Mark Dresser and Marty Ehrlich, the team at Altamira Sound has honed their performance and composition skills to perfection.

With a decade-long tenure as a staff engineer at Tiny Telephone Studios in the Bay Area, Riotta and the team have produced a multitude of acclaimed records. Beyond their technical expertise, they are accomplished musicians proficient in various instruments and adept at crafting intricate string and woodwind arrangements.

Experience the culmination of their expertise and dedication with the Altamira Scoring Piano, an instrument designed to elevate your compositions to new heights.

Experience the classic charm of a vintage Fischer Upright piano dating back to 1900, lovingly restored and expertly crafted by the skilled hands of Steve Benjamins.

Dive into the immersive, true-to-life sound captured at Altamira Sound in Alhambra, CA, meticulously recorded by the esteemed engineer James Riotto.

An expressive, heartfelt upright piano sample library tailored for contemporary media composition, allowing you to infuse your creations with depth and emotion.

First off, the sound quality is exceptional. The meticulously sampled piano tones capture the nuances of a real vintage upright piano. Whether you're working on a cinematic score or a solo piano piece, Inlet Audio Scoring Piano delivers realism and expressiveness.
 The developers behind this remarkable instrument have clearly invested countless hours into refining every aspect of its design, resulting in a product that feels polished, professional, and truly inspiring to use. 
The interface offers control over mic positions (Close, Sub, Room), noises (Keys, Pedal), and EQ settings (Low, Mid, High), allowing for precise sound sculpting. Futhermore, users can fine-tune their sound with compression parameters (Threshold, Ratio, Attack, Release), choose from five reverb modes (Chamber, Cathedral, Hall, Plate, Home), and experiment with five delay options (Modern, Analog, Tape, Vintage, Diffusion). The GUI interface also provides filter controls for Cutoff, Resonance, and Bandwidth adjustments, guaranteeing ultimate customization options.
Altamira Scoring Piano is a welcome addition for composers, producers, and musicians alike. Its unparalleled sound quality, intuitive interface, great value, and versatile scoring capabilities make it an indispensable tool for anyone seeking a versatile upright piano that sounds stunning out of the box.
5 Out of 5 STARS! 




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