Saturday, November 18, 2023

50% off “Mythos” by Auddict


“Mythos” is a massive 38GB+ collection of instruments vast enough to create entire soundtracks with.

This expansive collection features an array of instruments, including a String Orchestra, Viking Instruments, Vocals, Drums, Choirs, Synths and more, enabling you to create captivating soundtracks effortlessly.

Note: Requires the FULL Retail version of Kontakt 4 or above (NOT compatible with the Free Kontakt Player).

A Huge 38GB+ Collection Of Instruments Vast Enough To Create Entire Soundtracks

“Mythos” – immerse yourself in world-class samples, with multiple Microphone Positions, Dynamic Layers, and Round-Robin Variations, ensuring a rich and authentic sound that stands out in the industry.
Features A Complete Composer’s Toolbox – Full String Orchestra, Traditional Viking Instruments, Choirs, Solo Vocals, Drums, Percussion, and more.
38GB+ Of World-Class Samples – With 15GB dedicated to the rich string section and an impressive 11GB for the thunderous drums, composers can expect a vast range of high-quality sounds that provide depth and variety for their compositions.
Dynamic Layers and up to 16 RR Variations – The strings feature a whopping 16RR, ensuring that every note played on them offers subtle variations for an incredibly authentic performance. The drums boast 7RR, capturing the nuances of each hit. Other instruments with shorts also maintain equally high numbers of RR variations.
Multiple Mic Positions – provide flexibility in sound shaping, allowing composers to adjust the spatial characteristics and blend the instruments to their preference.
A Professional Sound that stands out in the industry.


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