Sunday, October 15, 2023

Liikkuva Strings by Pulse Audio 60% off | PLAYTHROUGH

Liikkuva Strings by Pulse Audio 60% off | PLAYTHROUGH


For a Limited Time get Liikkuva Strings for 60% off here: 

Check out this playthrough by Sample Sound Review of "Liikkuva Strings" by Pulse Audio, currently available at a 60% discount. "Liikkuva" (pronounced "Lee Koo Vah") is a sample library that captures the essence of contemporary "Scandi" or "Nordic" soundtracks, as heard in series like "The Killing," "Wallander," and "Bordertown." It offers a rich variety of articulations, divided into "High Strings" and "Low Strings," all imbued with a sense of motion and progression. These string textures evoke the stark, desolate landscapes of Scandinavian countries, making them equally suitable for cold, somber underscores and warmer, shimmering compositions.

This library features delicate and raw string ensemble textures inspired by the cinematic sound of the Nordic and Scandi film genre. "Liikkuva" presents beautifully captured live ambient string sounds, including unique articulations such as "Molto Flautando" and "Spiccato Soundscape." It's an invaluable tool for composers who specialize in crafting music for the dramatic Nordic/Scandi or Ambient genres.

Key Specifications:Requires 15GB of storage space: 5GB when compressed, 10GB when extracted.
Includes 14 patches for both Low Strings and High Strings.
Offers three microphone positions: Close, Mid, and Far.
Offers a diverse range of textured string articulations.

Please note that "Liikkuva Strings" requires the FULL Retail version of Kontakt 5.8.1 or later and is not compatible with the free Kontakt Player.
 Don't miss out on this incredible 60% discount opportunity to enhance your music production toolkit.
 Watch Playthrough Below & Snag DEAL Here: 

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