Wednesday, October 25, 2023

APD DEALS Offers 67% Off Monolith by Artisty Audio

APD DEALS Offers 67% Off Monolith by Artisty Audio

For a limited time, Audio Plugin Deals is offering an incredible 67% discount on Artistry Audio's Monolith, available now for just $49.00 (regularly priced at $149.00). 
Hurry, this fantastic offer ends on November 2nd.

Monolith stands as an infinite bass engine, poised to elevate your music to new heights. It grants you access to a vast collection of earth-shaking presets that can effortlessly cut through your mix. Alternatively, for those seeking a more personalized touch, you can delve into its parameters to craft unique bass tones. Select from a rich array of 85 groups, encompassing high-definition basses, subs, orchestral, and synth samples. If that's not enough, you can even import your own samples for boundless creative inspiration.

Monolith is optimized for the Free Kontakt Player and boasts full NKS integration. It loads as a single NKI file, teeming with hundreds of presets, offering you endless possibilities for instrument and FX combinations. Two layers of pristine raw samples, enriched with macros, motion, and layer FX chains, enable you to conjure remarkable bass tones with just a few clicks. With intuitive sample drag-and-drop functionality, you can seamlessly fuse your own sounds with the Monolith engine, forging custom instruments that are distinctly yours.

At the core of Monolith are its feature-rich browsers, complete with tagging for master presets, cores, and source sounds. Effortlessly navigate the presets, swiftly discovering a dynamic bassline perfectly suited to your project. To further shape your sound, leverage the sequence, arp, motion, and FX presets, ensuring your bass sound is second to none and ready to command the dancefloor or captivate audiences on a grand scale.

Despite its seemingly simple dual-layer design, Monolith offers an abundance of rhythmic automation options. Tweak multiple parameter layers, from tempo-synced FX macros to intricate arpeggio and motion sequence programming. With dynamic playback and a diverse range of playback modes and preset banks, you can effortlessly apply these potent transformations to any bass sound.

Uncover new sonic horizons with Monolith's comprehensive randomization engine. Use the dice buttons to exert control over sounds, playback, FX, macro assignments, and more. With randomization filters, you can modify specific sound elements, resulting in musical and inspirational variations that can be seamlessly integrated into your next track.

Key Features:3.96 GB (5.72 GB uncompressed samples)
Infinite Bass Engine
NKS Instrument
350 Master presets
200+ Core presets
100+ Effects presets
50+ Arp presets
85 Multi-sampled Bass Instruments
Drag-and-drop support for user-imported samples
Versatile sound categories: Bass, cinematic, electronic, lo-fi, downtempo, organic, sound design

To harness the power of Monolith, you'll need a free or full version of Kontakt 6.7.1 or a later release.





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