Thursday, May 25, 2023

STACCATO by Artistry Audio - Preset Playthrough | Synths in Motion

STACCATO by Artistry Audio - Preset Playthrough | Synths in Motion

Sample Sound Review does a Preset Playthrough of the amazing new Kontakt instrument STACCATO by Artistry Audio.

 5 Out of 5 Stars!

This library has so many awesome pulse driven presets, you'll be blown away! Introducing Artistry Audio’s latest and best product yet: Staccato – Synth Motion Engine! For the next few days, get Staccato for only $99 introductory price instead of the normal $149.

With a diverse collection of high-definition presets and the ability to sculpt unique plucks, keys, synths and more, Staccato brings a fresh perspective to music creation, seamlessly adapting to all genres and giving you the freedom to unleash your creativity. Select from hundreds of presets to quickly cut through your mix, or dive deep into the parameters to sculpt unique synth tones that are all your own. Use any of the 85 groups of high definition plucks, orchestral, and synth samples or import your own samples for infinite inspiration.

Developed for the Free Kontakt Player and fully NKS integrated, Staccato loads as a single NKI packed with hundreds of presets for nearly limitless instrument and FX combinations. Two layers of pristine raw samples processed with macros, motion and layer fx chains conjure extraordinary inspirational tones from just a few clicks. With easy sample drag-and-drop, fuse your own sounds with the Staccato engine and create custom instruments unique to you.

BROWSE & BUILD At the heart of Staccato are the fully-featured browsers, with onboard tagging for master presets, cores and source sounds. Navigate the presets quickly and discover a dynamic synth or pluck that’s perfect for your project. Then use the sequence, arp, motion and FX presets to shape your sound, ready for dance floor or widescreen domination.

MACROS IN MOTION Despite the simple concept of this dual-layer instrument, Staccato is overflowing with rhythmic automation options. Adjust multiple parameter layers, from tempo-synced FX macros to intricate arpeggio and motion sequence programming. With dynamic playback and a wide variety of playback modes and preset banks, you are free to apply these powerful mutations to any staccato sounds with ease.

CONTROLLED CHAOS Explore new sonic frontiers with Staccato’s exhaustive randomization engine. Choose to manipulate sounds, playback, FX, macro assignments and more with the dice buttons. You’re in control, using randomization filters to change only the elements of the sound you want to remodel. The results will be musical and inspirational, ready to drop straight into your next track.

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