Wednesday, May 31, 2023

REVIEW: Damage Guitars by Heavyocity

REVIEW: Damage Guitars by Heavyocity Sample Sound Review

Heavyocity has done it again! Instead of my typical full written Review, I decided to do a video Review, Walkthrough, and Preset Playthrough of Damage Guitars. First, here's a short written review I couldn't place into words in the video.


Heavyocity has once again proven their expertise in the world of virtual instruments with their remarkable offering, "Damage Guitars".

From the instant I engaged the instrument, I was welcomed by an astonishing assemblage of painstakingly sampled and refined guitar riffs. The immense variety and scope of tones offered by Damage Guitars are truly awe-inspiring. Spanning from chunky guitar chugging to delicate ambient flavors this library encompasses a broad range of guitar sounds.

The detail in capturing the essence of each guitar performance is outstanding. The natural articulations are incredibly authentic, allowing for realistic and expressive performances.

One of the awesome features of Damage Guitars is the extensive sound-shaping capabilities it offers. The intuitive interface is designed for simple navigation. The included effects section is robust, featuring a wide array of distortion, modulation, and spatial effects, enabling users to sculpt the sounds to their exact requirements.

The sheer power and impact of the samples within Damage Guitars are mind-blowing. From monstrous, distorted riffs to ethereal, atmospheric textures, the sounds are rich, full-bodied, and immensely inspiring.

Furthermore, the integration of the advanced arpeggiator and loop designer allows for instant creation of complex rhythmic patterns and sequences, pushing the boundaries of traditional guitar playing and providing endless possibilities for experimentation and creativity.

Here's is what you get:

Over 3,690 Samples
1,200+ Sources
468 Tempo Synced Guitar Riffs & FX
288 Guitar Transitions & Riff Bits
14 Playable Cinematic Guitars & Textures
192 Tempo Synced Bass Riffs
240 Bass Transitions & Riff Bits
117 Custom-Designed Presets
2 Unique Engines: Damage Guitars 
3 Presets for 3 different keys of Riffs (D, A, and F#)
Intuitive Browser to load in sources in 3 banks
Matching Guitar and Bass Riffs
MACRO knob for dynamic multi-parameter control
Playable Guitars 4 Scoring Style Playable Guitars
4 ppp Playable Guitars
4 Tempo Synced Reverse Ambiences
2 Ambient Distorted Pads

 Heavyocity's Damage Guitars is a game-changer in the world of virtual guitar instruments. It offers an unparalleled selection of expertly captured guitar sounds, exceptional sound-shaping tools, and endless creative potential. Whether you're working on film scores, electronic music, rock, or any other genre that requires metal or ambient guitar sounds, this is a  must-have in your production arsenal.

5 Out of 5 Stars!

Watch Full Video Review, Walkthrough,
and Playthrough Below


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