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HEAVYOCITY's MOSAIC NEON is their eighth library in the MOSAIC series. The library features a range of electronic and synthetic sounds.






 (Access to Three Channel Mixer, Macro Knob, and controls 6 effect parameters.



(Envelope, EQ, Filter, Drive, Gate, Space Controls)



(All the sound-sources can be selected and changed in all three channels.)



(Allows you to activate and manipulate an arpeggiator per channel.)



(Control the Six Macro Sliders & Macro Sequencer)


(Location of the Punish Knob)



Mosaic Neon by Heavyocity is a versatile and powerful virtual instrument that offers a wide range of contemporary and innovative sounds for electronic music production. Mosaic Neon is comprised of 1,406 Samples from 84 sound sources, including 28 Pads, 25 Keys and Mallets, 11 Chiptunes, 10 Noise Layers, and 10 Attack Layers.

There are 114 included presets, which have been derived from skillfully crafted sources that have been manipulated to suit the requirements of contemporary composers and electronic musicians who seek a vintage synth direction in their musical compositions. The majority of these sounds would be an excellent fit for various music genres, including Cyberbunk, Cinematic, Synthwave, EDM, Retro Pop, and many others.

The interface of Mosaic Neon is user-friendly and intuitive, with a range of controls that allow for extensive customization of the sounds. Accessing six pages - Mixer, Control, Options, Arp, Macro Seq, and Master FX page, users can effortlessly modify and manipulate the sounds. The Macro Control knob, located in the center of the Mixer, Control, and Macro Sequencer pages, provides advanced sound design capabilities.

By accessing the options page, you can browse all 84 sound sources and load them into each channel. These sound sources are divided into five categories, Pads, Keys & Mallets, Chiptunes, Digital Noises, and Attack Partials. Mapping the keys to the three channels is simple, just drag the colored slider to the desired location on the keyboard.

Within the Arp page, there are three separate arpeggiators that allow you to produce intricate sequences by drawing shapes in all three Arp interfaces.

On the Macro Sequencer page, you can regulate modulation using the Macro Knob and adjust the modulation sequences by changing the patterns in the sequencer window. The Macro Knob can be found on the Mixer, Control, and Macro Sequencer pages.

The last segment is the Master FX page, which includes Heavyocity's renowned Punish knob for compression and saturation. It features four effects: Aging, Delay, Master EQ, and Reverb.

Mosaic Neon offers a range of inspiring presets  that demonstrate the instrument's potential. These presets serve as an excellent starting point for users who want to experiment with the instrument and can be readily adjusted to meet their specific preferences. 
Experimenting with the arpeggiators and swapping out soundsources to create your own presets is where the true creativity lies.

MOSAIC NEON enhances your compositions with a distinctive touch by incorporating a diverse range of quintessential synthesizer sounds into dynamic and score-friendly elements. These elements include ethereal pads, complex rhythms, warm textures, and hypnotic arpeggios, which evoke a range of emotions from nostalgia to menace, somberness to brightness. 
MOSAIC NEON is a blend of vintage styles and futuristic elements, offering a truly exceptional and emotive color to enrich your music. It's a fantastic instrument that is sure to inspire creativity and exploration. Its powerful sound engine, intuitive interface, and vast library of sounds and effects make it a must-have for any sound designer or musician looking to expand their sonic palette.


Written by Steve Montgomery
(Composer/Steve Montgomery Music)


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