Monday, April 24, 2023

NEW RELEASE: Shhh Breath, Whisper & Voice by Pssst Instruments

Shhh Breath, Whisper & Voice by Pssst Instruments


 Shhh... Breath, Whisper & Voice is the first release of Pssst! Instruments. It is a unique, very subtle and intimate Kontakt library made in 100% from human:

- whispers
- subtle singing
- breaths
- sighs
- mormorando
- whistling
- subtle voice artifacts

Shhh... contains playable patches, menus and additional wave samples which make this library a perfect toolkit for film music composers and music producers. You can choose from:

Creative Menus (7 patches)
take a deep breath and play with whispery and breathy samples.

- Whistbreaths.
- Whispers.
- ASMR & Breathing Loops.
- Cinematic Breaths.
- Reversed Breaths.
- Benders & Sighs.
- Rhythmic Breaths Kit

One Singer Ensembles (17 patches)
closely recorded single voice made into entire ensemble

Subtle Leads (15 patches)
expand your ideas and create melodic lines using unobvious sounds

Breath Amos & FX (18 patches)
dive into airy soundscapes and explore surprising textures

Processed Pads (18 patches)
diversity of colours and timbres

Lo-Fi Keys (8 patches)
old fashioned and dusty tones to enrich your arrangements; give your tune an extra warmth!

Bass (6 patches)
add some depth to your music with a touch of low frequencies

Combos (8 patches)
creative blend of sounds turned into unique, inspiring instruments – check out the modwheel and velocity layers to discover hidden features

Intro price: $49 until 30th April (reg.$79)Full Kontakt 6.6 needed

AVAILABLE HERE: Pssst! Instruments






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