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Heavyocity Releases their third installment in the Vocalise Series which uses the Gravity Engine.


The Main Interface

(Three Channel Mixer and access to Pitch, Punish, Twist, FX, ADSR, & Controls)

TWIST FX Knob on Main Interface

(Combination of Compression and Saturation)

Other Pages:




Does NOT require Gravity
7 GB uncompressed 
(4.71 GB on Disk with NI lossless compression)
Powered by the Kontakt 6.7 Engine
Kontakt 6.7.1 (Player) or later
Komplete Kontrol integrated (NKS-ready)
Available as direct download only 
Stand-alone, VST, VST3, AU, AAX


Heavyocity's Vocalise 3 is their third release in the Vocalise series and the eighth Gravity pack. I spent days playing with Vocalise 3, and I must say, this may be the Vocalise library everybody has been waiting to get. Before talking about the sound in this virtual instrument, I need to point out a couple of things. Number 1: you do not need Gravity to play this instrument. Number 2: It is a stand-alone library that runs in the Free Kontakt Player. The reason it's labeled a Gravity pack; is because it operates within the powerful Gravity engine.

The library features 7 GB uncompressed content (4.71 GB on Disk with NI lossless compression. It includes 2,033 Sound Sources, 384 tempo-synced melodic phrases (four different keys, major and minor), and 36 Tempo-Synced Multi-Sampled Syllabic Pedals. It also has five hundred seventy-six Tempo-Synced Intervals (24 mapped presets), 16 Dynamic/Moving Vowels, 184 Unique Vocal Scapes, and Drones. There are 190 NKIs, 300+ Motion Presets (NKA’s), and a Motion page for advanced volume, pitch, and pan pattern creation.

Vocalise 3 was recorded at Heavyocitys studio in New York using two amazing vocalists whose names are Carla and Kristin (last names unidentified). They recorded lush cinematic vocals, complex whispers, melodic phrases, and beautiful and dark soundscapes. The voices of these women have some of the most beautiful tones sonically captured in this library! I should mention though that they did record three male vocalists for the Rhythmic whisper pedal section.

When you open up Vocalise 3 in Kontakt, you'll find five categories of folders. It includes Melodic Phrases, Intervals, Rhythmic Pedals, Scrapes and Drones, and Vowels. The melodic phrases contain a variety of major and minor keys, all tempo-synced to your DAW. These are incredibly inspiring and can be pitched using the keyswitches at the bottom. The legato intervals expand on phrase creation and is an expansion to obtaining that atmospheric, emotional vocal in your compositions.

The interface developed like other Heavyocity Gravity pack instruments. Across multiple pages, all the control options are accessible. The master effects, mixer, and volume envelopes are on the main page.
The next page is EQ/FILT, located at the bottom and contains an equalizer and filter controls. The 3rd page is TFX, where you can apply and manipulate trigger fx (Distortion, LoFi, Filter, Panner, and Delay. The last tab on the bottom is where you enter the Motion page. It's a modulation sequencer where you sculpt motion and alter the volume, pan, and pitch.

It's the most versatile Vocalise to date and is my favorite of the three. This library is valuable for cinematic compositions and most genres of electronic music productions. From slow, melodic, ethereal, to fast rhythmic vocals, and sound design elements, it's all here. Content is abundant in this library that will keep you inspired for quite some time at an affordable price.

Final Words

The vocals in this library will give your productions that sought-after atmosphere and chill that moves the listener. It's a compelling effectual experience anyone looking for a new vocal instrument should not pass on. You get a usable library straight out of the box and a virtual vocal instrument using the unrivaled Gravity engine that offers cutting-edge creativity in sound design not found in any other Kontakt engine.
Heavyocity's Vocalise 3 is elegantly divine and brilliantly crafted.

Highest Recommendation!









Written by Steve Montgomery
(Media Composer/Infinite Mindscape/Darkmood)

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