Thursday, August 4, 2022

NEW RELEASE: Xenon for U-HE DIVA by Sonic Underworld | Curated by Luftrum

Xenon for U-HE DIVA by Sonic Underworld Curated by Luftrum


Xenon – Presets for Diva

The bustling morning commuters that normally walked with eyes full of aloofness had stopped. Above them were artificial lights and billboards – instead of adverts, they flashed controlled patterns. Was it A.I.? Was it a message? If one looked carefully enough, the word Xenon could been seen tracking steadily over the stock ticker… 
Xenon for Diva sizzles with electric light, tracing an illuminated path through city streets inhabited by sword wielding heroines, cybernetic villains and rogue AI. 
Taking its cues from Japanese Manga and Anime, it pushes virtual analog to the razors edge. Xenon consists of 150 presets for Diva, inspired by modern electronic scores with an eastern influence from cinema and video games. The subtle nuances imparted by U-He Diva’s feature set provides both robust depth and immersive atmosphere. An analog tour de force, it is chock full of beautifully emulated analog sounds, which deliver a rich and emotional sound palette for your next score or video project. 
This diverse and animated toolkit provides driving analog basslines and arpeggios, deep bass impacts, soft and sparkly keys, and lush widescreen pads. Mesmerize your listeners with drifting inventive sequences, surprise them with dark and dystopian soundscapes and bring them back home again with vintage synths with a modern twist. 
Xenon is inspired by classic and contemporary media such as Ghost in the Shell (Clint Mansell, Lorne Balfe), Final Fantasy (Nobuo Uematsu), 13 Sentinels (Aegis), and individual artists such as Ryuichi Sakamoto, Kenji Kawaii, David Sylvian and YMO.
Lively, cerebral and full of style – Xenon provides a hefty dose of seasoning to spice up any project with analog warmth and a vibrant modern flare. We encourage you to listen to some of the sound demos below to get a better flavor of what’s included.
Each preset has carefully crafted controls for the modwheel and aftertouch is used to lend more expression, wherever necessary. The set is fully NKS compatible for users of NI Kontrol software and hardware. There’s a PDF guide included, describing how to install the set and where to place the NKS presets.





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