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 Unstrung - Live String Horror & Tension FX

 Unstrung - features the sound design of their own Randon Purcell. The artist series instruments highlights one of their own composers/sound designers, where they will create most or all of the samples on their own.

This was created almost entirely from raw, live, solo string recordings, Unstrung  offers something truly unique for your horror and tension cues. Knocks, plucks, screeches, grindings, dives and ricochets from Cello, Viola, Violin and Banjo (yup, banjo), create hits, risers and patterns that are not only unique, but simple to manipulate and put into your own tracks.

Includes 3 different Kontakt instruments:


Provides you with a 16 step sequencer where each step can be loaded with a different sample from one of 5 categories (and over 250 distinct samples) of sounds: Knocks, Plucks, Ricochets, Grinds, and Dives. Each step can have volume, panning, length and tuning adjustments, making for infinite possibilities, and direct syncing to various time signatures in your DAW.


Provides you with 80 different whoosh effects, all made from live string manipulations and over 250 different one shot samples combined in our 3-layer engine to generate hits and jump scares. Play the hit by itself or play any of the whooshes which are programmed to play the hit automatically at the end of the whoosh. Create endless combinations of hits from subtle to absolutely horrific.



If you own their Ascendance product, you already know how easy it can be to make unique risers with the 3-layer engine. Unstrung Risers introduces a whole new version of the 3-layer engine, with various live string and manipulated/processed string risers, all recorded at 8 bars, 120bpm and set to stretch to your project tempo. This is all new content, including live solo string glissandos and various FX noises you only get from torturing acoustic string noises…and a few synths were thrown in just to round things out.

In the video below, I do a walkthrough, review, and quick demo of this powerful library. The bottom line, UNSTRUNG is an extraordinary sample library of horror string fx that I highly recommend adding to your composer's toolkit. The ability to churn out tension cues quickly using the pattern generator places this library over the top.  Fallout Music Group hit it out of the park and kicked off 2021 perfectly. UNSTRUNG can only deserve a
5 OUT of 5 STARS!






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