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Heavyocity's Mosaic Tape Reviews



Heavyocity Media's MOSAIC TAPE is the fourth release in the Mosaic Series line of virtual instruments.

Main Interface for MOSAIC BASS

(Access to 6 main pages of controls for the MOSAIC instrument located at the top of page) In the Center you will find the Macro Knob that controls 6 effects parameters.




In the Options section you will discover all the soundsources that can be swapped out per three channels.


This is the ARP PAGE

Allows you to activate and manipulate an arpeggiator per channel.


Heavyocity rolls out the 4th addition to their mosaic series of instruments called MOSAIC TAPE that incorporates vintage tape processing and modern sound design. Heavyocity used a diverse amount of soundsources to design this library, including synths, strings, ambiences, orchestral, keys, drones, pads, tuned percussion, vocals, noise, and attack sounds.

Mosaic Tape is Kontakt player compatible and downloads at 2.43GB. It contains a 106 brilliantly crafted snapshot presets from 113 sources and 1,264 samples. If you own any of the Mosaic libraries, you will be able to find yourself around the interface quickly, but for those who are new to this series, let's look at the GUI.
 The layout of the interface contains six pages located at the top listed as Mixer, Control, Options, Arp, Macro Seq, and Master FX. You will find the Macro Control knob in the center of the Mixer, Control, and Macro Sequencer pages. The Macro knob can control up to six Macro Sliders. The Macro Sliders control the Envelope, Eq, Filter, Drive, Gate, and Space. Below the Macro control knob are three mixer channels that are activated and can be deactivated if you don't want to use all three layers.
 The options page allows you to browse all 113 sample sound sources and load them into each channel. The sounds are divided into four categories. There are Synth Sources, Noises & Ambience, Attack Sounds, and Tonal Drones. 
The Arp page contains three individual arpeggiators that can create complex, evolving rhythmic sequences by drawing shapes in all three ARP pattern interfaces.
The Macro Sequencer page allows you to control modulation via the Macro Knob and alter the modulation sequences by modifying the shapes in the pattern sequencer window.
 The final section is the Master FX page, where you will find Heavyocity's renowned Punish knob for compression and saturation. There is also an Aging effect with three controls (wear, warble, & mono) that reproduce that retro analog tape sound. There is also delay, master eq, and reverb.

When you load Mosaic Tape in Kontakt, you will see three categories from the snapshot drop-down menu titled Arp, Playable, and Rhythmic.

MOSAIC TAPE is an excellent extension in the Mosaic line of instruments. I found this library works magically together with all of the Heavyocity libraries for those looking to add that extra edge and character to their compositions. There's so many unique gritty sounds that I found myself  instantly inspired straightaway. Adding these powerful analog tape processed sounds and moving cinematic textures would sit perfectly in many of the modern scores I hear today. 

In my opinion, this library serves best in scoring for crime, drama, documentary, horror, cinematic, trailers, underscore, and even industrial music. There is a lot I admire about this library, and for the price, you really can't beat the value. Mosaic Tape offers instant starting points, but when you dig deep into the engine, the potential becomes virtually endless. I experimented with the sound design tools by swapping out soundsources on the three layers and manipulating them with the gate and fx. I created some incredible snapshots of my own with sounds I've been searching for all year.

Heavyocity has never failed to deliver, and there's no question, they hit the mark once again.
MOSAIC TAPE is a gripping tool of creativity. It sparks the perfect balance of atmospheric intensity, nostalgic inspiration, and melodic splendor!

5 Out of 5 Stars !


Written by Steve Montgomery
(Composer, Infinite Mindscape, Darkmood)

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