Thursday, October 22, 2020


BASS UNTAMED takes Westwood’s “Untamed” series down to the deepest depths with this one-of-a-kind solo double bass library for Kontakt.

3 full octaves and 222 individual improvised notes. From soulful, fragile undertones to snarling and thunderous growls. Not for the traditionalist, and not for the faint of heart.

They’ve also introduced a new sound which is called Storms; a bold and unapologetic way to create crescendos. Fade from single fragile notes to a thundering rampage of cinema-shaking basses. Great for creating tension before launching your score into a chaotic crescendo.

As well as all of these unique sounds, there’s also 7 other classic long and short note articulations which compliment the other instruments in the series.

Included in the instrument is a trick people have been using for a long time with strings; sine waves. Adding a simple sine wave thickens up the sound of the lower strings.
Westwood calls this Glue as it fills in the gaps and cements the bottom end of your mix. To give this the Westwood edge, they sampled every pitch of a sine wave across 3 octaves through 1″ reel-to-reel tape. This takes away the sterile nature of a pure sine wave and makes it feel more organic. There’s two versions to use; one at the regular pitch and an “8vb” version, which pitch shifts the wave an entire octave down for a true sub-bass sound. As well as all of these unique sounds, there’s also 7 other classic long and short note articulations which compliment the other instruments in the series. 

This is how they recorded it 


Recorded at The Nave, one of the North of England's finest recording studios; a converted church with the most beautiful sounding live room. Engineer Alex Greaves used an impeccable set of classic microphones and vintage outboard to tailor the perfect sound for the bass.  A single Neumann FET47 is at the heart of the mix, providing a really rich, full and very detailed sound. A stereo pair of Neumann KM184s captured a close stereo overhead perspective. 


A pair of Neumann U47 mics adds more depth to the room, whilst some Audio Technica 4081's placed high up in the gallery do a perfect job of capturing the natural reverb tail of the studio. They collected this really wide range of perspectives for you to mix exactly the sound you need. Everything was recorded through through Neve and API preamps, an AMEK Rembrandt desk and captured at 96kHz using world-class Apogee AD16X analogue to digital convertors.


Longs Articulations:

Improvisations A
Improvisations A (Alternative start)
Improvisations B
Improvisations B (Alternative start)
Glue 8vb
Sul Pont
Short Articulations:
Spiccato (6 round robins, 3 velocity layers)
Pizzicato inc. Bartok (6 round robins, 4 velocity layers)
Ricochet (6 round robins, 2 velocity layers)

You can use the interface to easily combine any number of articulations to create interesting textures and some unusual combinations. We love the sound of all 4 of the Improvisations together, which feels like a quartet of basses all doing their own thing whilst flowing in and out of unison.

Performance Controls:
Dynamics - Expression - Vibrato

Spot - Close - Room - Gallery

Saturation - Stereo Width - Reverb (with 7 included presets) - 3 Band EQ



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