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Welcome to a journey that began 32 years ago when Roland released the D-50 synth. 

Omnidose is a modern day re-imagining of that legendary piece of music gear. This is not an attempt to recreate what the D-50 sounded like, but rather a voyage to discover new sonic ground, the Man Makes Noise way.


The 125 patches of Omnidose were made using the Roland D-50 waveforms in Omnisphere.

These patches require the Omnisphere 2.6 hardware library to function!

Tech Specs:

Omnidose requires Spectrasonic's Omnisphere 2.6. It uses the waveforms in the 2.6 hardware library and will not work with any prior versions!

MAN MAKES NOISE is offering a freebie of 10 patches for you to test out what Omnidose is. 
Get the patches here.


It's been a heck of a year for Composer and Sound Designer Tapsa Kuusniemi, the man behind the noise.

This is MAN MAKES NOISE third Omnisphere 2 soundset released this year, and so far, I've been impressed with each one of them. However, with OMNIDOSE, my expectations were high. I had my fingers crossed because it's stated that it was a re-imagining of the Roland D-50. First off, this is an awesome vintage synth used by a lot of artists I listened to back in the day. MAN MAKES NOISE used the Roland D-50 waveforms inside Omnisphere 2.6 to create this library, and I hoped it would deliver.

Before I tell you anything, let's see what you get in this soundset. 

There are 125 patches in OMNIDOSE, no multis, but there is a bonus of 10 artificial Ambiences in .wav format. Eight categories include 14 -ARP+BPM, 3- Distortion, 6- Hits and Bits, 44- Pads +Strings, 23- Synth Bass, 5- Synth Mono, 22- Synth Poly, and 8- Synth Shorts. This is the smallest of the three Omnisphere libraries available, but it's also at a lower price point. 

MAN MAKES NOISE takes full advantage of the MIDI CC controls and uses a healthy amount of Aftertouch, Breath Control, Velocity, and Pitch Bend to alter the nature of the sounds. For instance, Analog Heaven in the pads category contains distortion and aftertouch assigned to it that creates an expressive movement when adjusting the modwheel. I found some of the patches continuously evolve, allowing for quick and effective underscoring.

A patch called Probe located in the pads category is an example of a tension driven evolving pad. Try holding down a lower note and subtly introduce some higher notes while moving the modwheel, and you'll hear some satisfying results. The pads are terrific, experimental, and authentic. This soundset would be perfect for hybrid scoring, electronica, industrial, ambient, and much more. 

MAN MAKES NOISE has a gift in his uncommon sound design that sets his soundsets apart from others.

There are only fourteen ARPS that are rhythmically useful in many types of music. The Basses are deep, bold, and could very well find their way into some EDM productions. The Synth Poly, Synth Mono, and Synth Shorts contain a combination of euphoric, dreamy, celestial, analog, and otherworldly patches that would be great in synthwave, modern wave, a dystopian like film, and other compositions. A few deep hits and three intense distorted presets round out the rest of the library.

If you're looking for some modern retro, dark, melodic, gritty, moving, and very inspiring patches to add to your Omnisphere collection, pick this up.

OMNIDOSE by MAN MAKES NOISE is not a drug but a shot of sonic stimulus that's prescribed a



Written by Steve Montgomery 
(Infinite Mindscape & Darkmood)

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