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Best Service Elysion by Sonuscore Reviews

ELYSION is the huge hybrid twin to THE ORCHESTRA by Sonuscore and Best Service. Today we take a look at this instrument and see if it holds up to the hype.


Main Interface

(This is where you will find all the instruments, five instrument ensemble, and access to all controls. )

Sonuscore Main GUI  Elysion Interface


(This is where you can adjust the effects, mix of each sound, and apply the master effects. )

Sonuscore Elysion Mix Interface


(You can create movement in the PAN ENGINE. Each theme has two different pan engines that each instrument slot that can be assigned to. In the center of the engine is where you can draw the pan shape by left-clicking and dragging the mouse.)

Sonuscore Elysion Pan Engine GUI Interface


ELYSION by Sonuscore was quite a surprise. As an owner of the Sonuscore's The Orchestra and Strings of Winter, I was anticipating what the next chapter entails with this new instrument designed for hybrid scoring. The concept behind the themes seemed brilliant by having eight planets in our solar system be the inspiration of each sound and rhythm. For instance, Mercury "The Nimble Racer"= Animated, Lively, Diverse, Venus "The Soulful"= Inspired, Tranquil, Emotional, Neptune "The Planet Of Ice"= Mysterious, Sinister, Obscure, and so on.

On the main part of the GUI, there is a four instrument ensemble. The individual instruments have an arpeggiator, fx controls, and the ability to change the octave. In the center of the interface, you'll see the titled instrument theme. If you click on the title, you'll enter the instrument theme browser. On this page of the GUI, you'll see four categories including, Spheres, Pulses, Animated, and User. The Spheres section consists of Pads and Hits that transform organically by the velocity of your playing and in conjunction with using the mod-wheel. The Pulses category contains a wide selection of rhythmic themes, and the Animated is a collection of complex thematic arrangements. All three of these sections sound fantastic and will certainly elevate your score to a neoteric level. The last category is simply the user section, where you can save all your custom presets.

Another great feature is the option to Drag and Drop Midi performances that is also available in The Orchestra. In the lower right corner, you will see the export MIDI icon. You can then export your theme performance to different midi channels within your digital audio workstation by dragging and dropping the icon into your DAW.

Next, let's check out the PAN and MIX pages. Within PAN, you'll find two pan engines programmed to each instrument theme. Like the arpeggiators, you can adjust the movement by drawing the shape by left-clicking and dragging the mouse. You can also draw a straight line by right-clicking and dragging the mouse. In the MIX page, you'll see a variety of effects and controls for each instrument and a section of master effects. You can also raise and lower the volume levels for each instrument by adjusting the individual Faders.

ELYSION is Kontakt player compatible, so you don't need to own the full version of Kontakt. It is a stand-alone instrument, but if you own either of The Orchestra or Strings of Winter, you can get a cross-grade discount.

There are 142 playable hybrid instruments and over 230 complex animated themes that can be fully customized and downloads about 13 GB.

ELYSION is a powerhouse and a gripping instrument. I combined this library with The Orchestra, and it worked beautifully. I created several modern scoring cues in a matter of minutes, not hours. This is one of my favorite releases of the year, and it exceeded all expectations.

The future is now, and ELYSION is at the forefront of a new breed in modern scoring tools!




Written by Steve Montgomery
(Infinite Mindscape & Darkmood)

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