Wednesday, July 3, 2019

NEW RELEASE: Atmospheric Drones & Ethereal Keys for Eventide Blackhole by TOM WOLFE


Introducing the latest preset 
libraries from 
Tom Wolfe

These collections, each containing 15 presets, are the first Tom Wolfe libraries to be released for 
Eventide Blackhole. 

'Atmospheric Drones' places a focus on turning slowly morphing soundsources into big, spacious drones, while Ethereal Keys is designed to help make lush and dreamy sequences out of short sounds, such as keys, plucks or percussion!

Also available now from Tom Wolfe is the Blackhole Collection - a simple way of purchasing both sets at the same time whilst getting yourself a saving of 25% in the process!

For a limited time only, these presets are available for the introductory price of £2.99 (usually £3.99) for Atmospheric Drones and Ethereal Keys,
and £4.99 (usually £5.99) for the Blackhole Collection. 

Offer ends 17th July
2019 at 11:59 BST.!

Atmospheric Drones Available Here

Ethereal Keys - Available Here

Blackhole Collection - Available Here

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Youtube Demos
Atmospheric Drones 

Ethereal Keys

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