Sunday, October 21, 2018

73% Off Beyond the Orchestra Bundle by Versilian Studios

Beyond the Orchestra Bundle by Versilian Studios

For just $99, get the Beyond the Orchestra bundle which combines several of Versilian Studios most popular products to give you a unique and fresh palette of sounds in what is the largest sale the company ever offered.

Also included as an APD exclusive pre-release bonus is the brand new Luna’s Gayageum, a deep sampling of the traditional Korean zither created in collaboration with YouTube star and virtuoso Luna Lee.

Normally valued at $370, this bundle is now offered for just $99 (73% off)! 

Key Features

  • An extensive library of over 100 instruments from around the world, from bass recorder to bowed psaltery.
  • Over 600 unique articulations ranging from bowed vibraphone, to four different trumpet mutes, fluttertongue clarinet, and even sul ponticello cellists doing throat singing!
  • Forget legacy sounds and ‘machine gun’ staccatos with round robins and multiple velocity layers standard across all instruments.
  • Get the mix you want with multiple mic positions available for many patches.
  • An entire battery of orchestral percussion including a record eight individually-sampled triangles, four tambourines, two sets of tubular bells, and everything in between.
  • Exclusive Bonus: Luna’s Gayageum, a deep sampling of a traditional Korean zither made in collaboration with YouTube star and gayageum virtuoso Luna Lee.


  • 21 GB of free hard drive space (+20 GB of extra space for extraction)
  • Requires at least Kontakt 5.6.8+ Full for VSCO 2 Pro, Strumstick, Bowed Psaltery
  • Kontakt 5.8.1+ required for Luna’s Gayageum
  • MIDI Keyboard with modwheel recommended
  • Aftertouch functionality optional for certain Gayageum patches
  • An SSD or 7200+ RPM hard drive recommended

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