Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Taps Kontakt Guitar Instrument by Genera Studios- REVIEW

Taps is a Kontakt Guitar Instrument created from tapped notes on a clean electric guitar, with an octave of low open plucked notes on the bottom end. The result is a very playable sample instrument with a diverse sound that can go between chill and ambient to chaotic and heavy.

The GUI includes controls for delay, reverb, saturation, distortion, LPF, and ADSR. Theirs also a built-in arpeggiator tab. There are 25 snapshot presets included to get you started, but we think you'll find the possibilities are endless.
Included in Taps:

1 Kontakt Instrument - 58MB

37 Samples
25 Snapshot Presets
Clean Simple GUI with Arpeggiator
Open script
Recorded at 24 Bit and 44.1kHz

Recorded on an Ibanez RGA8 with EMG808X pickups through an 

Axe-FX II XL+ 

Full version of Kontakt 5.8.1 or above is required (will not work in Kontakt Player) 


Genera Studios Taps is an ambient guitar Kontakt instrument library. It contains 37 samples and 25 Snapshot Presets. It is small but it only retails for $9. Even though Taps is only 58mb in size, don't be fooled by the thinking that size matters with this Kontakt VST. I found this instrument to have a nice tone and presence behind it. Even though there are only 25 presets, you have enough to get those creative juices flowing. You can also easily create your own presets with the simple GUI and arpeggiator tab. I enjoyed manipulating the arp and timing knobs to create some unique rhythms.

I did a review of Genera Studios Lush Atmosphere awhile back and for those who enjoyed that instrument, should find both libraries complement each other. Genera Studios is increasingly making some cool libraries for the musician on a budget. I really liked Taps and if you're looking for an inexpensive ambient guitar library for a nice underscore, ambient, chill-out, or new age music, you should consider this. However, you can also get a gritty aggressive sound by moving the saturation and distortion knobs, making this fit in other genres of electronic music. You should also check out the demo video below from Genera Studios and see how it sounds for yourself.

 I must admit there have been some great releases lately. From Epic Kontakt libraries to cost-effective libraries, they all deserve an honest review. I factor my score on several things like the sound, value, interface, etc. One minor thing I noticed is a slight ambient noise at the tail end of some of the guitar samples. This sound is very minimal and will not be heard in a song mix. I did find that I could eliminate it with the filter cutoff but it will take out the higher end. So, with the quick ability to control delay, reverb, saturation, distortion, LPF, ADSR and with the included built-in arpeggiator, you really can't go wrong with Taps
Remember, you're not buying a sample pack here, you're buying a Kontakt virtual instrument and at this price, it earns a  
4 out of 5 Stars.



Written by Steve Montgomery
 (Darkmood and Infinite Mindscape)
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