Tuesday, September 25, 2018

REVIEW: 8DIO Hybrid Tools Dark Prophecy


Hybrid Tools – The Dark Prophecy (17GB compressed) is a new, dark, chapter in the saga of our evolving Hybrid Tools. Purely designed with true analog hardware synthesizers and expanding upon the latest trends in professional scores.
The Dark Prophecy contains a wealth of new synth-based signature instruments from massive evolving analog drone-beds to deep, cinematic sub-booms, from a wide selection of warm, soothing synth-basses to myriads of musical sound designs, evolving epic textures, dark pads and the flexibility to create your own pro-grade cinematic sound designs in a matter of just seconds.

It is a diverse library with hundreds and hundreds of new pro-grade instruments and sound designs. The sound is major-motion picture-big, dark and beautiful. You will find light in this library, but a “dark light.” 

Hybrid Tools Dark Prophecy contains a fully rendered 3D User Interface with a variety of new controls, including Tempo-Synced Gate, Reverse, Randomize, Speed Control, Pitch Envelope, Glide and Offset – all accessible from the front-interface. You can also go deeper into our Chaos FX and control everything from Filters, Step-Based Filtering, 3 Band EQ, Stereo Delay, Bit Crusher, Distortion, Dual-Convolution reverb with host synced Textural Convolution FX.


8Dio began in 2011 and was founded by Troels Folmann and Tawnia Knox. They released over 40 software instruments in that first year and have a huge list of credits from top Hollywood composers that use their libraries in their productions. 8Dio pushed the envelope in hybrid scoring that really launched what I considered an ongoing trend of modern scoring. Some of my favorite composers including Hans Zimmer, Blake Neely, Harry G. Williams, James Horner, and a whole host of others have used these instruments. 8Dio’s libraries are also featured in many top video games and television shows. I remember watching the show Arrow and saying to myself that sounds like 8Dio's instruments. Come to find out, Blake Neely, composer for Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and more, uses 8Dio's products. So, the bottom line is, 8Dio is a premier virtual instruments company that has quite an impressive history.

The first instrument I bought from 8Dio was one of the Hybrid Scoring Tools libraries. Years later they continue to evolve in the hybrid realm and have released Hybrid Tools – The Dark Prophecy. With a name this cool, it better be great, right? Dark Prophecy contains 17GB of analog synth-based content, making this the largest in the Hybrid Tools series. There are 22 deep sampled instrument categories. The instruments in Dark Prophecy include; Beautiful Evolving Textures, Filmic Impacts, Deep Downers, Massive Synth Horns, Cinematic Sub-Booms and hundreds of other cinematic instruments. With just a few clicks, you can really customize your sound by using 8Dio's stretch, reverse, chaos FX, randomization, stack function, arpeggiator, and more to produce endless possibilities. The interface in Dark Prophecy is like all the other 8Dio libraries. It's a simple layout with nothing distracting. This gives you the ability to score quickly and alter your sounds in a non-complicated way.

Does Hybrid Tools Dark Prophecy offer anything new in the hybrid tools market? In my opinion, Yes! This library is dark and offers exactly what I think has been missing in the hybrid tools series. I was really impressed with how this library sounds but was kind of let down with the 8Dio walkthrough video they provided. Even though it's a cool video demonstrating the sounds in a composition, I wanted to hear the sounds in their undressed state. I tried to fill that gap by providing my own video below. This video should give you more of an honest example of how the presets sound before adding any chaos FX to them. I suggest watching the video in headphones or with a good pair of monitor speakers, so you can really hear the samples at their best.  

Like all 8Dio sample libraries, it does require the Full Retail version of Kontakt 5.7+, so it will not run in the free Kontakt Player. They do recommend 8 GB of ram or more and at least an Intel Core i5 or equivalent CPU. I can tell you I even tested this library on an Intel 5 PC with 8 GB of Ram and I had no problems. I always recommend disabling programs running in the background before doing any music production.

8Dio has really impressed me with this latest Hybrid Tools Series release. DARK PROPHECY is what I’ve been waiting for and it didn't let me down. Even though this library is dark, the evolving textures can be quite beautiful. With the changing evolution in film scoring, 8Dio seems to always be one step ahead. Even though I own many 8Dio libraries, this is one of my top favorites. Dark Prophecy is a bold progressive cinematic library you must experience for yourself and its unapologetic cutting-edge quality earns a clear

5 out of 5 Stars!

Available Here: 8DIO 

(Infinite Mindscape, SDM, and Darkmood)

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