Monday, July 9, 2018

Alchemist 2 Cinematic Textures by String Audio - REVIEW

ALCHEMIST 2 is one of the most acclaimed and innovative sample libraries in its genre.
If you own ALCHEMIST CINEMATIC TEXTURES Vers 1 you can buy the UPGRADE.
With its brand new engine ALCHEMIST 2 becomes even more powerful.
All the samples of the original "Alchemist Cinematic Textures" + more than 13GB of brand new sample material + more than 270 brand new snapshots powered by ALCHEMIST 2 brand new engine.
All the sample and snapshots of the original "Alchemist Cinematic Textures" library powered by ALCHEMIST 2 brand new engine.
"A bottomless well of possibility and invention that will vie for my creative attention for many scores to come." - HARRY GREGSON - WILLIAMS multi-award-winning composer (The Martian, Shrek, Total Recall, Call Of Duty)
"Once in a while you get immersed in a world of Soundscapes that transport your creativity to a whole new level, Alchemist is it." - GARETH PROSSER - Composer, Guitarist and Member of the BLUE MAN GROUP
"Don't skip Alchemist by String Audio, great stuff. Simple, minimalist interface, powerful ways to shape the sound and TONS of excellent sample content." - CHARLIE CLOUSER - Composer of the SAW films and former keyboardist on NINE INCH NAILS
ALCHEMIST 2 Cinematic Textures is a powerful tool for Kontakt to create deep and complex cinematic sounds.
Each instrument is composed of six layers.
The library features more than 20GB of sample material
  • 20+GB of original sample material (using Kontakt's lossless sample storage compression).
  • 6000+ high-quality samples.
  • 6 layers.
  • 570+ pre-programmed Snapshots. 
  • Main Engine: Individual layer controls for pitch, volume, pan, solo, mute, effects bypass, layer lock, adsr, layer boost and cut, pan and amp LFO send.
  • Powerful randomize function.
  • Dedicated Motion Engine: Arpeggiator, Pan and Amp LFO.
  • Dedicated Color Engine: 200 convolution Impulse Responses, Randomize function.
  • Dedicated Effect Engine: skreamer, lo-fi, chorus, tape saturation, delay, and distortion (controlled by the modulation wheel.
  • Instant download.
  • All payments are processed securely by PayPal, all major credit and debit cards accepted, no PayPal account needed.
  • The price indicated in the shopping cart is final, no taxes or fees are added.


StringAudio is one of those companies that continues to release impressive sample libraries that really offer impressive sound design capabilities. Ever since the release of their debut 'Dark Matter' back in 2016, I have been a huge fan. Even though this company has only been around a couple years, they have churned out some truly stunning libraries for Kontakt and Omnisphere 2. I have always been impressed with their Kontakt engine layout. Each instrument is composed of 6 layers and it's extremely efficient on all the CPU's I've ran it on, which makes this a huge plus in getting compositions done fast. Alchemist Cinematic Textures2 has a sound so distinct and full of movement that I’ve never heard duplicated in any other library quite this way. You get a total of 20GB of sample material, 6000+ high-quality samples, and 570+ pre-programmed Snapshots. 
If you have the original "Alchemist Cinematic Textures " you can upgrade for a special price giving you more than 13GB of brand new sample material and more than 270 brand new snapshots powered with a brand-new engine. Award winning composer HARRY GREGSON - WILLIAMS got it right when he said 'A bottomless well of possibility and invention... '

Alchemist Cinematic Textures 2 is a solid upgrade! Scary, Intense, Gritty, Dark, and full of evolving expression. This library is a must have for anyone looking for endless possibilities and complexity in sound design that is simple to achieve.

5 out of 5 Stars

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