Saturday, July 22, 2017

70% off “KVLT Drums” Plugin by It Might Get Loud (VST/AU)

KVLT Drums is a drum library designed primarily for lo-fi metal & punk music, but is flexible enough for almost any track that requires a biting, drum sound!

Recorded in a sauna, these drums deliver the exact sound of the classic Norwegian Black Metal days… ready for music from the cold dark north!

310MB of Raw, Lo-Fi Metal Drumming Goodness!

Got an urge to create a Lo-Fi Metal or gritty Punk track? Or perhaps you just want to give your next Pop track that biting edge which will help it stand out from the crowd?
Then “KVLT Drums” by It Might Get Loud Productions could be exactly the what you’ve been waiting for!
KVLT Drums isn’t a mix ready drum library, it is very dry, raw and unpolished, and it is this unique property that helps this kit stand out from the crowd! These drums were recorded in a tiny wooden sauna in South East Finland in June 2014, which gives them a unique sound perfectly suited Black Metal!
Use this kit and you should be one step closer in achieving that legendary Scandinavian Black Metal sound that dominated the Metal albums of the 1990’s!

A Drum Sound That Comes Straight From The Pits of Hell!

The choice to record this drum kit in small wooden sauna gives it a very unique sound… in fact you could say it comes with built-in cabin fever!
The developers at It Might Be Loud also took great care to make sure it sounds as realistic as possible by ensuring they recorded many velocity layers for every single piece of the kit.
The entire kit was played by Peter Zana and engineered and mixed by Ron D. Rock and comes with the following deeply sampled pieces:
  • 1 Kick
  • 2 Snares (Piccolo & Wooden Tama Snare, Sidestick + Left & Right Articulations)
  • 3 Toms
  • 1 Hihat
  • 1 Ride
  • 2 Crash
  • 1 China
  • 2 Splash
  • 2 Unique FX Cymbals (Lid of a stove = mini-china & an aluminium pan = zilbell)

So What Can I Do With “KVLT Drums”?

Whilst KVLT Drums was created mostly with the Lo-fi Metal and Punk genres in mind, developers It Might Get Loud Productions have put a lot of thought and care into it’s production, so much so that it can in fact be easily made to work in many more genres of music, including:
  • Hardcore Punk
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Hard Rock
  • Metal
  • Heavy Metal
  • Death Metal
  • Black Metal

Normally €34.99 – get it at 70% before its gone!

  • Absolute no-brainer at 70% off the normal price (normally €34.99)!
  • Size: 310Mb
  • Plugin formats: VST(32/64-bit, Win/Mac), AU(32 & 64-bit, MAC).
  • Windows XP and newer
  • MAC OS X 10.5.8 and newer for VST
  • MAC OS X 10.9 and newer for AU
  • Compatible DAWs: Cockos Reaper 3.4, Steinberg Cubase 5, Cakewalk Sonar X3, Apple Logic X 10.2.1,  Adobe Audition, Studio one 3 Professional, Fruity Loops 11
  • Perfect for Hard Rock, Thrash/Death Metal, Black Metal, Hardcore Punk, Edgy Pop music and much more!

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