Tuesday, March 7, 2017

70% off “Stigmatized Drummer” Ultimate Extreme Metal Drumming Studio - LIMITED TIME!


70% off “Stigmatized Drummer” by Stigmatized Productions

“Stigmatized Drummer” is a high-end METAL oriented Drumming Library, recorded in exhaustive detail to provide an organic, full and “in your face” sound.
Perfectly at home in many genres, including Hard Rock, Pop and Metal, creating the perfect drum track has never been so easy!

4.5GB of The Ultimate Extreme Metal Drumming Studio!

Got an urge to create a Heavy Rock or Death Metal track? Or perhaps you just want to give your next Pop track that extreme edge which will help it stand out from the crowd?
Then “Stigmatized Drummer” by Stigmatized Productions is exactly the what you’ve been waiting for!
This is simply the most hardcore drumming library ever conceived, featuring an array of tools and deeply-sampled sounds that will help you create the ultimate extreme drumming performance! Highlights include:
  • Both left and right hand hits sampled.
  • Up to 60 velocity layers per hit.
  • Hundreds of “focused” grooves in many genres.
  • A flexible 16 track mixer.
  • A powerful “Matrix Router”.

Insane Dedication Leads to Phenomenal Drum Sounds!

Stigmatized Productions spent many hours trying and testing every possible kit setup and mic placement during the production of this library, every single drum piece was recorded using both left and right hand hits and up to 60 velocity layers per hit! The results of this dedication are immediately evident… this kit kicks some serious metal ass!
This attention to detail also extends to the custom designed user interface. Divided into five sections: Grooves, Options, Kit, Mixer and Matrix you are total given control over the tiniest details of every drum and cymbal to help you sculpt the exact sound you are looking for.
The Kit Section

This section is designed to help you tailor the basic sound of the individual drums quickly and easily without having to dive into the Mixer or EQ (although those are still available to you if you wish to use them). The controls are simple to understand and wuickly deliver the expected results:
  • Volume – this controls the volume of the close mic  on each drum/cymbal only, if you want to adjust the other mics use the Mixer section
  • Tuning – allows you to tune the individual drums up or down as desired to suit the mix.
  • Attack – makes the attack  softer or harder.
  • Hold – this control can be used to reduce the size of the room sound on a drum/cymbal.
  • Decay – shortens the drums/cymbal decay envelope.

Find Instant Inspiration in the Built-in Groove Browser!

“Stigmatized Drummer” comes with hundreds of ready to go MIDI grooves to bring you instant inspiration, simply audition them from the “Grooves” browser in the instrument and then drag and drop them into the DAW of your choice for further refinement. The grooves on offer come in many styles and in both “General” and “Focused” editions, they are also split into the following categories for ease of use:
  • Ethnic
  • Hardcore Punk
  • Metal
  • Pop
  • Rock
In addition, you can further tweak any groove you are auditioning to your liking with the following controls:
  • Tightness – this controls how much a given groove adheres to the underlying rhythmic grid, which you can define in the next control…
  • Grid – sets up the basic rhythmic division for any groove; e.g. 1/8, 1/16, 1/32
  • Swing –  this does exactly you’d expect… it progressively adds more swing to a chosen groove as you dial it up.
  • Velocity – increases the overall volume of a groove.
  • Tempo – this control gives you a choice between 1/2, Normal, or Double speed for any groove.

    So What Exactly Can I Do With “Stigmatized Drummer”?

    Whilst “Stigmatized Drummer” was created mostly with the Metal and Hard Rock genres in mind, developers Stigmatized Productions have put so much thought and care into it’s production that it can in fact be easily made to work in many more genres of music, including:
    • Hardcore Punk
    • Pop
    • Ethnic
    • Rock
    • Hard Rock
    • Metal
    • Heavy Metal
    • Death Metal
    • Black Metal
    With hundreds of ready go MIDI Grooves, a 16 track Mixer and high quality Effects, plus the all powerful Matrix Router only you can set the limits of what is possible!
    N.B. Requires the FULL retail version of KONTAKT or higher.
    This library is not compatible with the free Kontakt Player.

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