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NEW RELEASE: BEST SERVICE Chris Hein Orchestral Winds Vol 5 - Deep Flutes

BEST SERVICE Chris Hein Orchestral Winds Vol 5 - Deep Flutes


The Ultimate Virtual Flute Experience

With over 30 years of sampling experience, Chris Hein is renowned as one of the best sample library producers. Deep Flutes showcases his expertise, offering unparalleled flexibility, easy configurability, and exceptional practical use.

Experience unmatched realism and expressiveness with Deep Flutes, a meticulously crafted collection of rare and unique instruments designed to elevate your music production. Featuring approximately 5,000 samples per instrument, 49 articulations, up to 16 dynamic layers, and a highly customizable user interface, Deep Flutes is the most detailed sampled deep flute collection available.


Bass Flute
Featuring 16,540 samples and 10GB of content, the Bass Flute offers up to 49 articulations and 16 dynamic layers. Unlock a universe of possibilities with delicate sustains, flutter tongue, trills, harmonics, and powerful staccatos, bringing unparalleled authenticity to your compositions.

ContraBass Flute
This instrument provides True Legato and Glide-Mode for every articulation, a Note-Head Designer with easy access to 72 attacks per note, and 4 dynamic modes (Keyboard, X-Morph, Keyboard & X-Morph, Auto X-Morph). Chris Hein's Deep Flutes empowers you to sculpt and shape your sound with precision, offering features like subtle vibrato, dynamic control, and advanced customization options.

SubContraBass Flute
The SubContraBass Flute includes real-time blending controls for flutter tongue and trills, allowing for intricate sound manipulation.

Shakuhachi (Bonus)
This bonus instrument comes with 10 built-in DSP effects, 2 independent Convolution Reverbs, and 63 high-class impulse responses, providing emotional sustains, riffs, and effects.


Additional Sounds

  • Pads & Drones: Create delicate, evolving, atmospheric sounds with flute-based pads and drones, as well as deep, resonant impacts.

  • Drum & Percussion: Access tons of flute-based percussive samples, playable percussions, grooves, and effects to add rhythmic elements to your compositions.

Key Features

  • 10GB of data, encompassing 16,540 samples.
  • Up to 49 articulations to capture every nuance of the performance.
  • Up to 16 dynamic layers for expressive depth.
  • Four dynamic modes - Keyboard, X-Morph, Keyboard & X-Morph, and Auto X-Morph - to suit various playing styles.
  • Includes 10 DSP effects, 2 convolution reverbs, and 63 impulse responses for rich soundscapes.
  • Intelligent Legato and Glide-Mode enable realistic runs and transitions.
  • Features like the Note-Head Designer, Hot-Keys, special noise controls, ensemble maker, micro-tuner, and adjustable fader settings provide extensive customization options.
  • Intelligent LFO-Vibrato, customizable Auto-Vibrato, and Key-Vibrato for nuanced expression.


User Interface

The user interface is designed for both detailed customization and easy playability. It holds a plethora of features across several pages to customize the sound and playability exactly as you want. If you prefer not to edit, you can simply play and explore the pre-programmed Key-Switch presets ranging from A-1 to A#1 on the lower keys of your MIDI keyboard.

To achieve the feeling of a live performance, the user interface offers:

  • Four Dynamic Modes: To adapt to different playing styles.
  • Note-Head Designer: For creating unique attacks and articulations.
  • Key-Vibrato & Hot-Keys: For adding expressive control.
  • Articulation Presets: A revolutionary concept for realism.

Using the included TouchOSC Remote Controller for iDevices, it is remarkably easy to control the instruments and create the most detailed, realistic woodwind tracks ever.


Realtime Control

There are many ways to control the various functions of Deep Flutes to achieve a convincing real-time performance. Options include:

  • Hardware Faders: For manual adjustments.
  • Breath Controller: For dynamic expression.
  • TouchOSC on iPad: A versatile choice for control.

Leap Motion - The only controller that enables intuitive control of multiple functions simultaneously. Watch Bernd Keul's video for an example of controlling CH-Orchestral Winds using Leap Motion and Geko MIDI, showcasing the full potential of Deep Flutes









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