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REVIEW: ALLURE- Modern Upright by Heavyocity | Walkthrough & Playthrough

REVIEW: ALLURE- Modern Upright by Heavyocity | Walkthrough & Playthrough

Allure: Modern Upright by Heavyocity offers a contemporary reinterpretation of the upright piano.
Video Review and Playthrough at the bottom of page. 


It Includes 16 Sound Sources: 
Natural Upright (Full Mix, Close Mic, Room Mic, ppp Mix), Felted Upright (Full Mix, Close Mic, Room Mic, ppp Mix), Extended (Mallet, Pluck, Twine, Brush Grain), Dancers (Natural Dancer, Felted Dancer, Mallet Dancer, Muted Dancer)

95 Custom Presets: 16 Alluring, 13 Core Upright, 20 Dancers, 21 Extended, 25 Rhythmic

Intuitive Source Browser

Unique Convolution Engine for rhythmic and creative echoes

Three Point Mixer for real-time source blending

Echoes feature adds lush, musical randomness to performances

Tech Specs:

34.8 GB uncompressed (16.8 GB on Disk with NI lossless compression)
Powered by the Kontakt 6.8 Engine
Kontakt 6.8 (Player) or later
Komplete Kontrol integrated (NKS-ready)


"Absolutely mesmerizing! Heavyocity's Allure is a sonic powerhouse that effortlessly transports you into a world of pure musical magic. The attention to detail in Allure is simply stunning. Each instrument and sound has been meticulously crafted to evoke emotion and stir the imagination. Whether you're composing for film, video games, documentaries, or simply exploring your own musical creativity, Allure offers endless possibilities for sonic exploration.

Allure uses the Ascend GUI intuitive interface, which makes it easy to sculpt and shape sounds to fit your vision. The ability to manipulate parameters such as tone, resonance, and modulation allows for unparalleled expression and customization.

Experience the Alter Egos virtual piano, a modern interpretation of the traditional upright piano. It captures the essence of both the natural and felted tones, offering a diverse range of performances and extended techniques. Through this intimate instrument, emotions blend with expression, unlocking new sonic possibilities beyond the physical keys.

With Alter Egos, you'll have access to two distinct piano sounds: the natural resonance and the softer, more subdued felted tone. Layering these sounds allows you to craft your own unique and expressive piano performances.

Delve into a world of expressive tones, where every nuance carries profound emotion and depth. From the timeless warmth of the natural upright piano to the subtle intimacy of the felted tone, explore a versatile palette of colors that will inspire your creativity and musical expression.

Overall Heavyocity's Allure is a must-have for any composer or musician looking to add depth, emotion, and intrigue to their productions. With its breathtaking sound quality and boundless creative potential, it's an essential tool for crafting unforgettable musical experiences."

 It sounds warm and melodic. Offering an array of possibilities. It not only allures you in but hypnotizes you with such powerful, inspiring sounds. Yes, you do need another upright piano, and it's ALLURE.

 5 out of 5 stars!






Watch Video Review, Walkthrough, and Playthrough

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