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REVIEW: VAST by HEAVYOCITY | Convolution Reverb Plugin


REVIEW: VAST by HEAVYOCITY | Convolution Reverb Plugin

 "Vast" represents the pinnacle of Heavyocity's commitment to pushing the boundaries of audio innovation, inviting creators to explore the depths of their sonic potential.




Vast by Heavyocity is a creative convolution reverb plugin that offers a wide range of sonic possibilities for sound design and music production. Whether you need realistic spaces, rhythmic echoes, or unconventional effects, Vast has you covered with its intuitive interface, innovative impulses, and flexible modules.

Vast’s Impulse Engine is the core of the plugin, where you can choose from over 200 impulse responses, or import your own audio files as IRs. You can manipulate the IRs with various parameters, such as stereo width, length, diffusion, and pitch, as well as sync them to the tempo of your project. You can also combine different modules, such as convolution, gate, compression, EQ, delay, and dry/wet, to create complex and expressive soundscapes.

Vast also comes with over 200 presets, ranging from realistic rooms and halls, to ambient textures and atmospheres, to rhythmic patterns and modulations, to experimental and glitch effects. You can use the presets as they are, or tweak them to suit your needs. Vast is a versatile and powerful tool that can transform any sound source into something new and exciting.

Vast is more than just a reverb plugin; it is a playground for sonic exploration and transformation. It is suitable for composers and producers of any genre, who want to add depth, movement, and character to their sounds. Vast is a must-have plugin for anyone looking for a creative and inspiring convolution reverb.







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below using Mixcraft 10 Pro by Acoustica

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